Lantern Swinger
Old ships. About 76 I think and I can't for the life of me remember how long I did on it. Couple of years, I think.

All Snakey dits involve cockroaches. Good times.
Does the name Lou Wrett (Rett?) ring a bell? I think he was the ships butcher when I was inside that big grey thing. I spent many a miserable hour in the JR's galley on them duties that had the dubious title of "Stinky Sinky". You basically went to the galley at breakfast and washed all the red hot ****ing pots and pans that were flung at you from a fair distance. Sometimes they bounced off you and landed in the sink, sometimes they didn't. No bastard dishwashers or easy cleaning then....scrub the bacon/sausage/fried bread burned on bits off whilst screaming pitifully because the duty cooky-boys couldn't be arsed to tell you that it had just come straight of the oven and there was still some nice boiling oil slopping around in them.

Oh the fun we ****ing had.
I got royally lashed up by Dhoby and his oppos on a call round in Chatham. it was only when they demanded I went ashore with them afterwards that it all started going horribly wrong. That's when I found out what a Grand Slam was.

Edited because I was typing with sausages, not fingers
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