C126. Whose going to Write off What

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. psst !..... want to buy a tank.............fell off the back of a Hercules !
  2. New business opportunity, scrap merchant in Afghanistan
  3. I bet there's a few PLR holders who are smiling broadly.
  4. Wot's PLR..............
  5. Obviously never been a PLR Holder then Stirl.
  6. Hmm interesting!

    Slight Thread drift but along the same lines ... when the Septics pulled out of Vietnam they left a lot of surplus equipment including a lot of empty heavy wooden Bomb Crates (actually made of decent wood). Vietnamese have taken the wood and turned them into furniture(tables, welsh dressers etc) predominatly for the European market. "Er Indoors" decided she liked this Welsh Dresser in a local "craft" store and bought it ... stencilled on the back is a US Army logo. Just hope the b*ggers don't tip up and want their wood back!
  7. Wah Shield UP

    In short Stirls,

    'twas your slop chip for all those portable Permanent/Valuable items in your section which you mustered on arriving and signed for as sighted and all AOK. eg Greenies Avometers.

    Any PLR items missing at a subsequent muster/hand over to your relief could be rather expensive for the PLR Acct. Holder. (unless the Jack Dusty was partial to Bubbly & DFs, wink-wink.)

    WAH Shield down & Logging Orf for now.

  8. Thats how Libya started, exception being all their scrap was charred.
    Oh, and they found oil.
  9. Read somewhere its to do with the Treasury, if they leave it there it gets written off, if its brought home/used by MOD it will come out of their budget. A waste but thats how the treasury seems to work, rather let foreigners have it as "Aid" than write it off and let MOD use it.
  10. Being a 1 badge nobody I never signed for anything, except PVR.
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  11. Not even temporary loan on the jetty? What about your Bedding card?

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  12. Does this mean some of our lads could bring some bits back, say a gun to hide in their garage, that could get them into trouble:crybaby:
  13. Soooooo, if the jock bretheren go against predictions and do vote for independence, will we leave all our SSBN kit their as "aid"? That should start a few interesting international incidents!

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