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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by rod-gearing, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. Just like to say Bravo Zulu to all our athletes that took part in the 2008 Olympics.

    Makes me proud to be BRITISH! :thumright:

    Well done and hopefully more of the same in 2012.
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    As a proprtion of population not bad at all! However now they have gold and silver medals IMHO they should NOT have state honours piled on top, which should be for the courageous and the selfless and deserving. Athletes serve themselves, not the community.
  3. Well done for the medal haul.

    I also just won a £5 bet with my mate that the handover for the Brits would involve a rather dull multi-ethnic dance / song routine and an x-factor 'celebrity'.

    I hadn't counted on an exciting double decker bus with shaped hedges inside. And Mr. Beckham - the well known GB team football player.

    All it needed was the fathers for justice batman and some free Tibet / Palestine / factory farmed chickens protesters.
  4. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    So its just as well that honours are awarded for achievement as well as service to the community, that way everyone will be happy.
  5. Well done team GB.
  6. Aye was a good olympics for us this time! BZ
  7. Agree with Seaweed, well done team GB, you did the country proud. But lets give honours to those who are puting their lifes on the line for this country, I include Armed Forces and emergency services, not people who can swim, run or ride faster than others!
  8. Concur, well done all the TeamGB sportsmen!!! I fully agree that Gordo shouldn't be so fickle as to now award damehoods, sirdoms and miscellaneous -BEs to all and sundry (although Colin deserves an OBE).

    And of course, it looks like we've already started practicing for the gold medal in self-deprecation with regards to London hosting the next ones!
  9. Hear hear a cracking job by them all. :thumright:
  10. Totally agree,perhaps the athletes should be 'rewarded' with better training facilities etc so that they do even better next time.

    The BMX girl from Crewe has to practice around the streets due to the lack a decent track.
  11. I have figured out something that the Chinese are not really good at........
  12. Ouch....straight to hell for that one!

    Boris didn't drop the flag and not one 'cripes, spiffing or corks' in sight....stunning! I liked the casual style but.......hands out of pockets Boris.
    Well done GB Team....Team BG...GT Beam...BTG...JCB...Whateva...our eight minute segment was ok.......'OK....I think you can do better than that'....think FrankNFurter from Rocky Horror!

    AND not one stabbing in sight...remarkable!
  13. Of coursre a very big BZ to all the UK athletes, but it has also shown up the sports that have really got their act together and those that have not. It is not just a matter of throwing buckets of cash at the problem but also one of getting properly organised and developing both good systems for spotting talent and then developing that talent.

    I note some of the usual suspects suggesting that perhaps apart from national pride these athletes contribute little to society, I would suggest that they do, today we have to test those joining the services to see if they are fit enough, when I was young that was not required. We do need to make physical activity part of our national lives again and organised sport has to be part of that equation.

    If the government sees fit to dish out gongs etc to some of those who did well I have no problem with that at all, we have always rewarded those who contribute to our society in different ways, and in their way a sucessful athlete contributes just as a charity worker, a serviceman, businessman etc does.
  14. God, that peformance we laid on was crap.

    Some american kid is going to be asking his mum whether he can board a bus the next time he comes to UK.

    What the hell kind of ambassador is that?
  15. It was a great games for us!
    I really do hope that the powers that be dont try and cut corners on the 2012 project like they seem to do with everything else in this country.
  16. With Jimmy Page on guitar how could we go wrong ?? :thumright:
  17. Best part of the whole show...[​IMG]

    Well done GB, hope London 2012 is as good, we can teach you lot the 8's (mens rowing) and how to do it properly... :hockey:
  18. To be fair to the elite GB athletes, you have to remember that their everyday lives completely revolve around training and recovering, therefore they quite often have little or no social lives and may only allow themselves one drink on New Years Eve throughout the whole year. Some of them do deserve titles, but, saying that, the people of the uniformed services (both armed and emergency) definitely deserve their fair share of knighthoods and damehoods.

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