Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Purple_twiglet, Feb 9, 2016.

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  1. Purple_twiglet

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  2. have my first ever "Excellent Topic"
  3. Hopefully they will open one in Cambridgeshire and I might consider going along?

    I said consider ;)
  4. Congratulations to them - proof you can grow a satellite unit to a sufficient size to commission in its own right.
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  5. I was there. Cracking day and cracking effort by all involved. The guard was tighter and more polished than regular guards I've seen. Shame it rained, the plan was to do a lot more and they'd even practiced a few cheeky display pieces to entertain the crowds afterwards. They've been preparing for this every weekend and drill night since before Christmas.

    There was also a banging dinner afterwards where I managed to upset quite a few URNU students. To be fair I'd been drinking neat rum since about 4pm courtesy of the splendid chaps of the RNA.

    I'm not sorry.
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  6. What a day. Thanks for the positive comments 2DD. Very proud moment for all at CERES. Really glad to have so many people who have helped us get where we are. Could have been many more.

    Onwards and upwards. Next challenge beckons.

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