Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Drakey, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. Er... it's not April 1st Drakey. Keep taking the pills oppo! :biggrin:
  2. Oh ye of little faith....ever been to Guzz Thingy?
  3. One of the inspectors did say on the local news that he was impressed with what he saw and the chances were good.
  4. Yes, it was the hometown of the last member of the Thingy family to join the RN as a normal person*, doing time in the G Spot of the early 1920s. Was a POW in Japan during WW2. I visited Guzz last around 1976. Are you telling me it's changed? o_O

    *There was also a Padre Thingy who retired recently! :oops:
  5. No. It's exactly the same. If you squint your eyes and make it look all fuzzy you couldn't tell the difference.

    Actually it is a completely different place. We even have traffic lights now. :lol: :lol:
  6. Best laugh I've had all day. :lol: Delusions of grandeur or what. :?:
  7. That explains it! I couldn't understand why a large bunch of locals was dancing around on the street corner - they obviously thought the traffic lights were disco lights! :lol:
  8. Just as long as Final is not on a Sunday, otherwise they'll
    have to cancel the car-boot sale outside Argylls Wembley
    Stadium look-a-like...... and what will all the tattoo'd,
    in-bred, pram-pushing, pit-bull walking, roll-up fag chain-
    smoking throwbacks do to pass the time eh?

    I just cannot image Brazils National team, all queing up
    on the Barbican at Cap'n Jaspers, waiting patiently for
    "Half a Yard" of sausage-burger (extra relish).

    Guided Tours of the Hoe for all the other teams, so that
    they can purchase an ice-cream and marvel at the kids
    playing truant from school, as they "Tombstone" off the
    roof of the recently refurbished Lido Swimming Pond.

    Then they can all board a fanny-boat and have a look at
    what's left of the Dockyard and any ships/submarines that
    may be alongside, followed by a wander round the Barbican,
    with the chance to buy a Lottery Ticket from the local Co-op,
    whilst simultaneously avoiding the alcoholic smack-head who's
    legging it out of the door with all the jars of coffee he can cram
    into the pockets of his coat.

    All this topped off with a day-trip to Trago Mills, where the
    super-star footballers can purchase a bargain or three.

    Yep - I think Plymouths bid is in the bag.
  9. Traffic Lights! :p Greeeeeeaaaaaaat!

    Looks like I need to pay another visit, just to see the place lit up in pretty colours at night! Do the JRs still wear those nice bellbottomed trousers? :D

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