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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by trelawney126, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. Fine effort and good to see the SAR boys are on top of their job, 3 cheers!!
  2. 771 have a twitter feed for anyone that's interested too. #771NAS is what to look for.
  3. Well done to all.Crew, Engineers, ATC, Firecrews.Team effort.:salut:
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  4. Slightly off thread. Many years ago I remember a This Is Your Life program; the life story was that of a SAR Dope on a rope diver, I am sure he had been awarded a gong for bravery, for entering up turned vessels to drag people out? He was asked who his hero was and he named Kevin Keegan. Keegan came on the show and said he played football for a living, SAR teams were true heroes as they risk life and limb to save life’s on a daily basis, Keegan called it right, well done for yet another hard day’s work. :happy5::thanks::eek:ccasion5:
  5. That was POACMN Larry Slater. He was awarded the George Medal for his part in the rescues performed during the 1985 Fastnet race and the rescue of Simon Le Bon and 19 other crew from the capsized yacht Drum. the program aired in 1986 I think???
  6. Said it was awhile go, just goes to show the impression that show left on me? do I remember any other TIYL shows no, other than there was one on M Ali. So for SAR, SOS is just another day BZ
  7. I remember that TIYL. I f memory serves they surprised him during an exercise. The presenter was posing as the injured man, he winched down, strapped the guy in and was about to haul the presenter off when they managed to persuade Slater it wasn't an exercise and to release the presenter. Funny how things stick in your mind but the presenter was about 2 nanoseconds off being winched away before the rest of the film crew managed to stop Slater, the presenter nearly kakked himself. Funny as **** :)
  8. Larry was also awarded "Man of the Year' for his 'dope on a rope' antics as well as appearing on This Is Your Life. I was on Pingers course with him - always the scouse comedian! Deserved every ounce of George medal for diving inside a sinking vessel!
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  9. Agree big time
  10. He actually started a trend. For SAR divers to go inside a sinking vessel was taboo due to the size of their diving set. They used the small 'BASAR' unit, shorter dive time, (about 40 minutes max - may not have been that). The idea was drop a diver, he was not required to surface to give the OK signal, he would then dive down to a sinking aircraft and retrieve/rescue the pilot. That was there reason for living!!!! Then with the onset of assisting in civil rescue missions the diver being a valuable asset was utilised.

    With the demise of naval fixed wing came the demise of the Search and Rescue diver. And I'm sure the decision compromised many lives due there being no diver! I bet Scouse will be along soon with diver tales of daring do.

    Edited bits in Italic. (After chatting to a few ex SAR Divers!)
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  11. Quote from one of Larry 'Scouse' Slaters crew during the Simon Le Bonn and Drum rescue.

    "Allegedly, when Larry popped up inside the air pocket he asked which one of them was Simon Le Bon. When he identified himself, Larry said, 'Right, unless you promise NEVER to make another record, you're staying here!'. Epic."
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  12. Talked to people in the sailing world. le Bons bro, was a physioterrorist near us, bragged about how good the generator was and that they had light until they got rescued. Guess where the genny was getting its air from.
  13. SAR Divers are ******* mad - worked with 2 of them as a Middie in ARK ROYAL, the dits they spun.....
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  14. SAR Divers, were a great bunch, good sports and good laughs, a few could play bridge well too, at least those I served with.
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