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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirling, Dec 5, 2009.

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  1. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    They're a good bunch those Wedges. Fair play to them.
  2. TA mobilised to support!? I'm struggling to understand how, "The local servicemen will use their knowledge of the area to assist in the operation".
  3. And proper mobilisation requires them to be paid a bonus of £400 per person.

    Nice work if you can get it.
  4. Rosy, they deserve every penny of it, they have been working at least 12 hours shifts non stop since they started, and apart from a couple of days when it was freezing we have had rain and high winds every day, hardly pleasent working conditions.
  5. And THAT criticism from a solicitor! 8O :roll: :lol:

  6. I work 12hr days most days, nobody pays me £400 bonus, plus still can't see where the local knowledge comes in. I'm sure their work is appreciated locally and this is not a put down on the individuals involved.

    Mobilised for deployment in this country for the first time in history the story says. The issue is not how hard the lads / lasses work, it's the fact that we've had to mobilise TA to cover the task. Somebody may correct me but even when OP FRESCO was on reserve forces were not mobilised, this is either overstretch or local / MOD politics to ensure as many branches of the armed services are involved as possible for PR purposes.
  7. Can't see anything wrong with Mobilisation and so what if they are going to be paid £400 each for Call Out - it is a pragmatic use of available resources and whatever the cost it is bound to be a damned sight better than leaving things as they are while they ponce about getting the permanent project up and running with whoever they contract the work out to.
  8. Never critisised, just commented. Good luck to them, and I hope their employers are very proud.
  9. Well done to the guys mobilised, probably part of civil contingencies reaction force (CCRF) mobilised for a max (I think) of 2 weeks at a time. You are mobilised at short notice (days) and don't do months of training. It is for UK only to assist in MAC tasks and clean up in the event of terrorist attack.

    The Reserves cannot be mobilised for OP FRESCO and the like. It is in the rules that they cannot assist in what is effectively strike breaking. The problem is what if a fireman was on strike and got called up to be a RN fireman? Great if you ask me, but apparently the goverment don't like it.

  10. Thought firemen were reserved occupation and couldn't join the reserves fcuk me they have a good enough crack already without be greedy and joining the RNR
  11. Cheers for the update wasn't aware of there being a designated role, looks like they're morphing into a National Guard.
  12. Cheers for the update wasn't aware of there being a designated role, looks like they're morphing into a National Guard.
  13. I think things have changed a lot since OP Fresco. The forces are a lot busier at the moment. And the local councls have been told "dont ring the MOD unless you are in the shit and we mean really in the shit."
  14. Cheap as chips when you consider it has reduced a 1 and a half hour journey to go around back to sensible minutes few.

    Not only that, but being that the TA have taken a bit of a pummeling recently, they deserve their kudos and the cash.
  15. Negative. There are two members of the London Fire Brigade in my TA unit.
  16. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    CCRF doesnt exist anymore - it was scrapped a few months ago. This was getting people into place who could do the job without using regulars who were overstretched. Very unusual to do this - MOD made clear in JDP2-02 that armed forces support is over except during life threatening circumstances - so its likely that the council will be paying a very large capitation bill for this service.
  17. Or it is a very clever PR initiative by the TA (who want to graphically demonstrate the need for them to be there, trained and equipped), Local Council (with a definite and pressing issue to address), a supportive MP (eager for local support as we approach the next election) and a willing Government (keen to spin to the positive for a change).

    Either way - good initiative!

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