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BZ HMS Portland and the Booty Detachment


Has anyone read the reaction to the story on Timesonline? A whole load of the UK's finest telling each other how useless the RN are. Its embarrassing to see how little support the RN seems to have amongst the general public, as well as the minimal knowledge of maritime law that these armchair experts have in the locker before they decide to go telling the world that the RN aren't fit for purpose, and all because the crew of HMS Portland followed the rules and released the pirates.

I can understand the frustration of the public (I learned that line from Hazel Blears) when all we can do is give the pirates a slap on the wrist, but the way in which the readers of the story have slammed the RN's abilities is an absolute joke.


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And our craven Govt (what is left of it) will be delighted that the bods at the sharp end get the flak and they don't get blamed for the ridiculous RoE, sandwiched between we mustn't hurt them, and we daren't arrest them or they will finish up with an asylum claim. I thought the US slotting their pirates was a useful, moderate, proportionate, humane reaction. There was a time where an dan buoy sinker accidentally dropped over the side would have done the trick and the sharks would have cleaned up the area afterwards. Anyone found with weapons on the high seas, not being the recognised servant of a recognised government, ought to be outside the law (pickets on merchant ships could easily be made honorary RNR for this purpose).
For the information of any trigger-happy posters, the Somali pirates have killed no hostages to date and those nations with a shoot first, ask questions afterwards policy have killed far more innocent hostages than pirates. Like the Armed Forces of any truly civilised country, the RN operates within the law and the ROE it is given. Long may it continue to do so, whatever the drawbacks of such limitations.


The comments about the satellite made me laugh. They should have watched them with a satelite, what do they think they are, big telescopes that can just look at things at will like in the movies.

Ignorant people shouldn't make comments.

Well done Portland.
Great stuff from the PORTLAND and just goes to show what we can do when we're allowed to. Shame we had to let them go, but those baying for pirate blood are the first to complain if too much 'force' is used by their local police - can't have it both ways. :?
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