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Bye Tony, God Bless

Tony Hart has passed away this morning, peacefully according to his family.

I used to love watching Vision On and then Take Hart, mainly for Morph if I'm honest, but I still enjoyed watching him make it look so easy. Can't draw for toffee though.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Hmm, I was beginning to wonder why he hadn't returned the picture I sent in to "The Gallery"... :shock:

A fine man.

Like many on here I used to watch him on tele.

Ex Gurkha officer who held many exhibitions in aid of the Gurkha relief fund.

Two strikes robbed him of the use of his hands. A bad cross to bare he once stated.

God Bless Tony thanks for many entertaining episodes on tele.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Well Morph took three days to show his emotions, because it took that long to get his arm in the right position...
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