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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by chockhead819, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. Pussers Red

    "I've a dream, pussers speed machine"

    in a david essex speed machine style.
  2. sad day lol
  3. So how does today's Sailor recognise, and make way for, the Dockyard Postie?

    Good grief! Is nothing sacred today?

  4. Back in the '60's, in Pompey Dkyd, I witnessed a ships Postie engage the front wheel of his trusty steed in the jaws of the tempting railway line and take a tumble.

    He and mailbags strewn about. Dykd maties unstirred from their trudge

    He gives that sort-of 'Bollox' look and collects the bags up and remounts the treacherous steed once more and gingerly sets onward......some yards later, he does it again.

    This time the composure, once demonstrated, has abandoned Postie and he throws a fit.....kicking the steed, the mailbags and imaginary items that only he knew of.
    He got sorted again and this time he set off walking to his destination.

    Such dedication to his customers.

    I felt like giving him a round of aaplause.....but he was bigger than me.
  5. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'll never forget WOGI Larry Grayson bombing round Sultan on his Red Devil when I was an apprentice. Pedalling for all he was worth, but still bawling out every class of baby tiffs he rode by without pausing for breath.
  6. Won't keep very fit on the modern lightweight job!
  7. No more Pussers reds! They'll be getting rid of "Tilleys" next
  8. ...and maybe the NAAFI will no longer stock preparation H. Coincidence?

    I thought the things had solid rubber tyres...... at least thats how they rode. Anyone who's rode one up or down the hill at Portland knows how good the brakes or gears wonder the duty lad used to nick my Giant to go to scran.......
  9. A step backwards.

    My squadron at Culdrose had a Vespa scooter complete with side car!!! Ideal for stores runs and the like. (Chippie on a Friday night!!).

    Sod the carbon footprint. Green mountain bikes - softies!!!!!! :flower:
  10. Memories many years ago, Riding security, middle watch at Dolphin on these "Bone shakers"with a pick axe handle as a weapon!!. I see from the link the replacements are to be called "Pussers green". Is nothing sacred....Pussers Green / Hard meant SOAP!! So these new bikes will will no doubt bring forth many dits from us old and bold, who will take the first punt...?
  11. That also happened to me in Pompey yard, but I was on my way back from the Storehouse - very embarrasing :oops: ! I also lost my cap (not berets in those days) into the dry dock, and no way was I going down to retrieve it - so arrived back on board to a rowlocking from the Joss for being out of uniform ! .... :(

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