Bye bye Mr Terrorist

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by frogman007, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. Wish I could get a US Visa as quick as he will.
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  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hopefully the Cousins have a large plane over the Atlantic as we speak, plenty of room for the extended families
  3. It grips my shit that it's taken this long..... :pottytrain4:
  4. And........................................................................................................ cue the hand wringing bleeding hearts.
  5. Can only hope../ His eldest is a thieving piece of shit and his slave wife is an ignorant benefit cheating ****.

  6. No doubt that the British taxpayer will still have to support the *******. When will we ever get a government with balls that will sort this out and clear the dross from our shores.
  7. Hopefully when all their followers turn up at the airport there'll be room for them as well.

    I think we should send the wide mouthed frog over with them, just to make sure they're treated nicely as HR is her speciality, her husband could go as well as he's a Middle East peace envoy.

    Just to cover all eventualities you understand.

  8. **** you starting on me for? Got that stroppy octogenarian Rummers doing enough of that!
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  9. It's a bandwagon thing, I love bandwagons I do.
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  10. Don't think there would be a plane big enough in the world to fit the full family on
  11. I'm a bit sad today as my mate is being deported.
    He was the best hooky I ever served under and their fuckin him off.
    Oh what fun we had around the mosques of south London in the day.
    We would go to political rallies together I assume he was a Tory but he never said.
    I lie not when I tell you the man could catch fish simply by putting his hand in water clutching spam.
    Oh how we laughed when his friends had accidents whilst learning how to fly and crashed into buildings.
    Silly billies.
    No more for us trips to the bluebell woods to pick flowers by the missile silos in the south or discuss security at military installations and the like.
    Still he will be OK they say Jordan is lovely at this time of year.
    Still I've still got Sharky Froggy and Wrecks, I'm so lucky.

  12. Well best you remember that before your next tirade at us!!! Hungover you old git???
  13. Safeguard I don't get hangovers.
    And if you promise not to tell anyone I don't really drink excessivly anymore.
    And rum is not my favorite tipple I'm far more cosmopolitan.
    I drink Pernod, the only other decent thing to come out of France is me.

  14. Dont get hangovers! I really hate you now!
  15. I see the do gooders are talking about a private prosecution now to keep him here.
  16. Slays me the ****** spends years slaggin us off and when push comes to shove he's harder to get rid of than aids.
  17. Anyone know where and when the flight deporting them is happening? I want to go out, buy a pirate costume and then wave him goodbye.

    For extra fun and games, the flight staff and airport control staff should consist of the very worst the RAF Movers have to offer.

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