Bye, bye Fidel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ask_then_order, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. Baby bruv takes over.
  2. Family business. New (ish) face, same old ideas.
  3. His brother will probably take over the job officially then, and so on down the generations? Or maybe another Bay of Pigs by the Yanks (not that they could probably afford to)?
  4. Baby Bruv is 76 himself...he won't last as long, this will be the turning point in Cuba opening up to the outside world. The US will loosen the embargo once Fidel is dead, sort of a face saving thing.... :thumright:
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Castro's brother has said he'll consider reforms and that brother running for the president job has said he'll talk to Cuba....who knows....
  6. It is apparently "Illegal" for a US president to lift sanctions while Fidel or Raul are still in charge, according to the Beeb this morning.

    So its another 5 years? before any change then.
  7. Longest stand-in I've ever seen.

  8. The "embargo" is a joke actually, the only people who insist it is working are those in Washington, if they got off their asses, and went down to Miami, they would see it's business as usual between Havana and the mainland...:p

    More ways around those sanctions for oil.......(hear a pin drop...) :thumright:
  9. My daughter recently retuned from a holiday in Cuba and it seems that the only effect this US embargo has is to make the US government feel good about itself and be a pain in the arse for tourists wanting to reach the place. She was concerned about bringing Cuban goods back home via the US but as she stayed in transit US Custome were not concened.

    Hasta la Vitoria Sempre!
  10. Interesting bit on Newsnight about this last night. George Galloway came across as barking...

    Be interesting to see whether the regime dies with Castro, a la Franco...
  11. CLose to a normal human by his standards then.

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