"The Maritime Support Principles will lead to
the development of a single facility for ‘Deep’ maintenance at Devonport and
centres of excellence for ‘Fleet-Time Engineering’ at Faslane for submarines;
Portsmouth for surface ships and Devonport for amphibious ships."

Doesn't quite say 'bye bye to Devonport' just yet. It doesn't say anything about ships moving to Portsmouth either, that's just guess work based on Pompey being the centre of excellence for Fleet time support. Not saying that won't happen, don't care, I'm a submariner, just saying that appears to be a conclusion drawn from reading the report rather than a statement of fact. Mind you Guzz news thinks the same thing.


Lantern Swinger
Rumour has it that BNS are trying to get Rosyths nuclear licence back so they can start nuclear storage there again. I think if they get the go ahead for that then it may signal the beginning of the end for Guzz.
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