Bye Bye Armed Forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chockhead819, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. Just heard on the news that Defence analysts saying that the forces manpower should be cut by 1/5 :( to fill the gap in the forces spending!

    Armed Forces cuts
  2. Probably to pay the golden goodbyes to all those pollies stepping down and being sacked at the next election !!

  3. Thats ok Chocks we can let the French and Germans do the fighting for us. Oh hang on, neither of them have won a war in the last two hundred years! But never mind, they own Yoorope now, so all will be well.
  4. It's about time to be honest. They need to have a serious look at the Reserve Forces for a start. A huge amount of reservists view it as a hobby with no intention of ever deploying. Every TA centre in the Country has a large amount of so called 'old & bold' fuckers loafing around doing absolutely nothing, I'm sure the RNR is the same.

    As for the full time Forces, don't even get me started, you only have to take one look at all the sick chit biffs rocking around Nelson wasting space and rations, doing menial jobs like cleaning the sports centre with make a mends every day. Granted a lot of these people are genuinely ill or injured and are looking to get back on ship as soon as possible, but a huge amount are just using it as an excuse for an easy time to doss, with no intention of ever serving at sea again.

    I know of one lad in particular who is a PO and has been working at an adventure training centre for the past two years due to 'stress'. He works around 25 hours a week and basically issues and maintains sports equipment. He is earning around £36,000 a year plus all the other benefits that go with, married patch etc. He is just one of thousands in the same situation. This is obviously not money well spent.

    I know it sounds harsh given the fact that there are millions of dole scroungers out there in civvy street, but the fact is the Forces are skint and while we should be spending cash on the front line, we are wasting a large amount of it on sick chit biffs and fcukwits. Another thing that grips my shit is people who go to Colchester, get out and are then back in there after a year. Surely if you are enough of a cunt to get sent there twice, you should be shown the door and not given a third chance.

    People are queuing at the door to get in the mob at the moment, I suggest a good place to start saving money would be to get rid of all the loafers, have a rethink about how many people we really need and replace some of the idiots, i.e. persistent offenders etc.
  5. As a member of the RNR I couldn't agree more...I've been in for over 15+ years now and have done multiple tours in theatre not just my annual 2 weeks but 6-9 months at a time....As soon as we were mobilised in 2003 for the first time since WW2 the RNR ceased to be a hobby for ever more (though I never viewed it as such), anyone who still operates on that basis should be gone and there are quite a few at all levels...I'm sick to death of sitting in the mess with oppo's who have been in 10+ years strutting around pushing their GCB's and long service medals in the faces of younger ones making out they are the old and bold when in reality they've done **** all...!!

    They have started looking at people more deeply when they re-engage...the RNR is way too top heavy with officers and senior rates who whilst have a huge amount of experience about all things naval generally spent 15 years at sea in miinesweepers blah blah 10 years ago but don't have modern operational experience.....and its these people that as well as wasting public money..they are also stopping the people that do have value and can offer the RN value for money in times of stretch getting somewhere....time for some painful decisions and for someone to take the bull by the horns!
  6. I shouldn't worry about "painful decisions" - there are going to be loads of them - what we must hope for is that at least some of the bigger decisions are taken for the right reasons!
  7. My son is approaching his first year completed in the mob as an ET, he is as keen as they come and he has had one set back after another with WMO re his first draft. He just wants sea time to crack on with his task books. Aint happening soon either.
  8. lets just bite the bullet....merge all the services into one. this is the way things are going..JPA, Discipline act etc..and lets us be a small maritime leg that at best, exercises around europe...sod the rest of the world..
  9. So you are saying our trade routes around the world do not need policing, :?:
  11. A PO gets 36 grand
  12. Heard these cuts need to be made due to wages having to go up, then why not freeze wages or cut them.
  13. To me THINK ANKS Are exactly that (cuts they may well be).But 1/5 .They should all drown in there tanks :D
  14. 32k to 36 k, feck me its risen since I left in '97, only 2 more years till I'm 55 and then see what happens
  15. Because no matter how much Jack might care about the state of the fleet, he cares about his money at the end of the month more. Not that that's the reason for the cuts but there we go.
  16. It might be worth looking at basic training and thrash out the ones that are not serious, seems harsh but can the armed forces afford to have people that are un-fit ?
  17. We're defo going to require a Navy if the extreme mozzies get a foot hold in Yemen. Getting our cargo and oil ships into the Red Sea will be fun with the Somalians to the south to boot.
  18. Is the HAC still a drinking club then 2DD, I'm surprised by you position on the TA / Reserves. All I can say having done a fair bit of time in the RMR and left a couple of years ago is that the RMR has punched above it's weight for some time with regards to mobilisation percentages deploying of those receiving notice and that the TA and the RNR were being 'shaken up'.

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