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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Branch-Hopper, Jan 23, 2016.

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  1. In the Nelson Wardrobe thread N. Stoker Esq said he had heard " a buzz in the scran queue"

    Now, this has led me to wondering how accurate any buzz we hear - and especially what is posted on here - and how we can filter what we assume to be accurate. Be assured, I am in no doubt as to the recruiting & joining advice Mr Stoker gives is both trustworthy and unerringly accurate. But as for being the SME on management of the MoD estate....

    So, it would appear that we need to allocate a score to each buzz we post. I have formed the draft of the Buzzfort Scale, and look for input from my elders and betters. I started with the two extremes, and filled in the middle. My suggestions are guidelines. The plan being any future Buzz can be rated for reliability against these examples.

    00: I heard it from a inebriated bloke/blokes in a pub. I later woke with my head in his/her shoulder (other anatomy is available).
    01: I heard it in the scran queue from somebody I did not know, talking to someone else I did not know.
    02: I heard it in the scran queue, I know the parties concerned.
    03: I heard it from an FTRS SO2
    04: I heard it from an SO3
    05: I heard it from an SO2 or SO1
    06: I heard it from an OF5 (or higher) during a round the mess square chat
    07: I heard it from the CWO after the OF5 had left
    08: I drafted the DIN
    09: It's in the Green Paper (may also be "My boss drafted the DIN")
    10: Its gone through committee stage, is in a White Paper and Jim30 has seen it
    11: The DIN is now signed off by (at least) a One Star and has been published
    12: I have seen the hard-copy - signed in blood by 1SL and the appropriate Civil Servant.
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  2. This one was overheard in the scan Q , 6' - 5'' stoker nicknamed Arkle rarely spoke unless he was answering an order from a superior and was looked on as something of an oddball. He was stood directly behind 2 blokes having an argument and the elder of the 2 tried some one-up-manship on his oppo .... '' I've been in more NAAFI Q's ''...
    Arkle chips in '' Nutty fiend '' , end of argument . Buzz went round ship , '' Arkle speaks '' ,
    no one would believe it or wanted to challenge Arkle as they knew they would not get a response.
  3. 'I heard it from the ROs' should be pretty high on that list

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  4. You forgot the cabbage mechanics
  5. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Jennys' side party left the ships side. Jenny said... 'you're sailing tomorrow'. First we knew about it. (we did too!)
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  6. Any Guzz, Pompey or Faslamabad taxi driver will let you know when something is sailing.
  7. Or, he told me when I went round at tot time.

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