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Buzz Buster

In simple terms "the issue" is that people are not serving in the Telic qualifying zone- despite their call up papers stating otherwise.
It's really that simple.
:cry: Disillusioned and curious
Re: H4H Wrist bands banned?

Is it correct that we are no longer allowed to wear the H4H wrist bands while in rig?

Those who attended Crowborough were told to take them of and at the time i thought it was for H&S reasons (even though most people were wearing watches :? ).

I've since heard that it is because only a small percentage of the money raise by H4H goes to the RN.

Surely this cannot be right? If it is I think it is a serious PR disaster for the RN.

Anyone got the gen? :)

Chain_Locker_Charley said:
Our group was told to take our H4H wristbands off at Crowborough cos 2SL doesn't like them...

Same here, apparently something to do with very little of the funds making its way towards Naval relations.
Jesus - what an OG!

If this gets in the tabloids it will not look good!

Surely if anyone in the RN needs the services provided by the money raised by H4H then they will benefit? :(
dunkers said:
If someone told me to remove a H4H wristband and it wasn't for H&S reasons, I'd quite happily tell them to go fcuk themselves.

Dunkers there is NO way your balls are big enough, if 2SL said take them off, you'd meekly comply.
I believe the official line is (having had a conflab with a snake) is that H4H bands and only H4H bands may be worn with all uniforms with the exception of No.1's or unless otherwise directed by a superior.

I wear mine, but frankly i dont really give a flying fcuk, ill take it off for 15mins and it will go back on.

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