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Buzz Buster

Dartmouth is making it compulsory to train to be a weatherman for newcomers as part of the curriculum. :lol:

Sky will fund part of the training program and have first pick at the passing out parade.

A navy spokesman said "Finally, we'll be able to better plan for rig of the day and cut down on the number of foul weather gear required to be stowed on board." :roll:
MasterChief said:
Why do you think "the RNR" want to do anything about the rumours on here ???

They "as you call them" are not trying to do anything, rumours exist as an integral part of Navy life, always have and always will. COMMARRES do not have any axe to grind against RumRation and have no watching brief going on, In addition they are not,have not and will not ever issue any edict forbidding chat on RR . so chill out and stop being paranoid

By the way did you here that the RNXS are being brought back , Chatham Dockyard is being opened again. Pompey ships will all move to Chatham.

All RNR units that closed under options for change are being opened.

RNR is to have a new fleet of Minesweepers.

The tot is being reintroduced.

Female sailors will be called WRNS, Female officers wiill wear blue stripes.


:p :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
rosinacarley said:
sgtpepperband said:
janner said:
Slop_Jockey said:
The RNR is finally going to scraped.....

Why? Have they got foul bottoms :roll:

Haven't you seen Rosie's picture gallery?! :shock: :wink:

How very dare you! I will so not be allowing you to fondle my fishnets on Saturday and as for that snog ... well ....

Where will you be on Saturday, and can I come too??!! :p

PS: Here's a piccy of Cutaway in his tights! :D :lol: :lol:

My first post,so here goes....

Heard today, that RNR(Air Branch) personnel may very likely be required to deploy with the squadrons, going somewhere hot.

At the moment, this isn't the case. What do you lot know of this.....

Reason i ask, i'm about to submit my application to join RNR and if this is the case, they can stick it!!

GashHand, if you intend to apply to join the RNR and don't expect to get mobilised then the RNR is not for you. You will get mobilised, it is just a matter of when.

Sorry if you were misled by anyone in the recruiting process, but the RN is run too lean now not to use the reserves.
Cheers, not misled at all. It was mentioned when i first approahed them,that there would be a posibility of it happening, but not 100% certain.

Then today, i hear there is a requirement for x amount of personnel required. but,as you and i know,there just isn't anyone left to fill these gaps.

I had a sneaky suspiscion that this would be the case, but thought i'd check with you guys as well.

I'm contracting at Yeovilton at the moment,and don't think i could handle the drop in pay..!If i went away for any length of time that is.

Appreciate the help,ta.

GashHand said:
I'm contracting at Yeovilton at the moment,and don't think i could handle the drop in pay..!If i went away for any length of time that is.

Regarding this, the MoD will make good any loss of earnings you incur due to being on ops with the RNR.
I have heard of this. But, i'm not sure they'll pay my hourly rate.....

Im not put off by it all. Just want to know what i'm letting myself in for.

Cheers lads!

you cannot suffer financial hardship if mobilised. this includes bonus's, company car allowance, pension, private health care etc, the mob must ensure that.

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