Buying my officer's No 1 uniform

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by NautiusMaximus, May 30, 2008.

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  1. Having just got into the RNR as an officer, I need to get my No 1 uniform. I'm based in London, and I gather Gieves & Hawkes do a nice line in uniforms. That would certainly be handy, but fearsomely expensive, and the grant which apparently I might get one day if I'm lucky won't come close to covering it.

    Alternatively I could take a trip down to Pompey (less convenient) and go to somewhere like Baun & Co, which I gather is a lot cheaper. Would I end up with a significantly less good uniform by doing that? If so, in what way?

    Any other suggestions for getting one?

    And is it really necessary to have a No 2 uniform as well, or can I get by without one?
  2. Try HMS Nelson Wardroom, I beleive they hold a selection of 2nd hand Uniforms that those departing offer for sale, top quality, but not brand new.
  3. Phone Uniform Clothing Stores in NELSON - they'll put you in contact with whichever tailor they're using at the mo. It used to be Turner & Virr, based in Fareham, but not sure if they still have the contract. As a regular I don't pay for mine (ha ha!!!) but have seen the price list and seems pretty reasonable for what is essentially a tailored suit.
  4. You could always try eBay - there're always a few going in one size or another. Seller by the moniker of Hogspear also has a few items also which usually appear to be in fairly good nick.
    Otherwise ask at your unit - I know that at Calliope some secondhand 1s were advertised at a fairly reasonable rate by a retiring RNR officer.
  5. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hmm I have two sets of 5's for sale - my old S/Lt RNR one's and a set laced as RN Lt - depends on what size you are, lacing you can get done in lots of places.

    if you're interested PM me and we can sort out detail.

  6. Speak to the stores guy at BRNC too, he holds a stock of second hand suits.

    Also do check Nelson wardroom as mentioned above. The second hand clothes shop is refered to as tin trousers.

    As to no2s... you will need mess kit as much as nos 1s; in some units, more so. Again try the usual second hand outlets.

    I just hope you are normal size :)

    AngryDoc, when did the RN stop giving out uniform grants? Is my age showing?
  7. Is it No. 1s or No. 5s you are after? It used to be 5s for an occifer - but everything changes.

    You will probably need Mess kit as well at London. Just remember that you want something that can be altered to fit you as rise up the tree!

    Thieves and Sharks will make you a very nice, top quality uniform at a vast sum of money but I found that I simply could not stand the arrogance of the staff who were, at the end of the day, there to help me - Are You Being Served springs to mind!

    For RNR use a cheaper set of kit will still look just as good as you will probably not wear it that much.

  8. Reservist-Monkey

    Not sure about when the grant stopped, but on entry to BRNC we all got measured for 1s and 2s by the contracted tailor. The Army still get a grant and can go to a tailor of their choice.
  9. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Turner-Virr are very good and reasonably priced. Their chap is ex Gieves.
    Don't touch Bauns, material is very poor and workmanship not that good.
    Gieves - very expensive, personally I find that RNR officer who have Gieves are usually wardroom stalwarts who do little else...
  10. I think it was about '93. I recall some YOs joining who had contract suits, the first year or so they were sh!te, then improved a fair bit.
  11. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    The grant ceased in Dec 91, I was in the first batch in '92 to get the issued rubbish.

    I ended up buying my own, the tailoring was terrible, the quality variable (at best) and even the colours varied.
  12. The tailoring nowadays is OK, but the material is cheap (serge/barathea for working/best No. 5s, barathea for the mess kit) and the buttons are so pale they're nearly silver.

    If you go second hand, make sure you take them to a proper alterations tailor (there are some in Jermyn St and Savile Row), who will make it fit you.
  13. Dont Forget to pick out A nice Ball Gown for Ladies Nights at sea
  14. i have a selection of second hand mess undress for sale - i am in london too if you want to come try some on.

    £65 a set.
  15. Thanks for the tips everyone. Since I'm going to be at BRNC next month anyway, the stores there sounds like a very promising first port of call.
  16. As we're speaking about reserve officers here, I should point out that the TA grant for officers' uniforms is not that much. Unlike the regulars who receive a £2122 grant, the TA grant is just about enough to get service dress and no.1 dress from eBay. My mess wellingtons alone (excluding spurs) used up most of my grant!
  17. Or to lend to Royal for a run ashore. :thumright:
  18. would anyone know the spacing of the buttons on an Officers No1 jacket???
  19. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    An officer with a number one jacket and her or his tailor.

    And holy thread resurrection!

  20. Oh Seadog sometimes you can be so Bitchy

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