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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by theoldti, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. The process of atracting our general service chums to boats has just taken an upturn. We are now offering certain branches a £7,500 golden hello and 50% of their skimmer time toward S/M pay level advancement.
    I am sure that this will help with our manning problems, but surely the bods in charge must look at why we are loosing such fine submariners to start with. This incentive may have the wrong effect of pi**ing the guys off that joined the S/M branch for free? :rambo:

    That aside, "Come hither all ye of the grey funnel line. Give up your right to run ashores and make'n'mends at sea, join the secret service, where the food is good, it never rains (unless your stuck alongside in Faslane) and you are able to spend 1 night in every 3 on board your luxury baked bean tin. The extra cash will help you pay for foreign holidays (take out good insurance) and sporty cars (you can park in the muti-storey) and, in 4 years time you can go back to skimmer land and spin wonderful dits of fascinating defects and differing methods of scrubbing out!"
  2. Bl**dy H*ll, in my day they just drafted yoiu and said tough.
  3. I volunteered!
  4. So did I but I knew many who didn't, and in those happy days there were no golden hellos
  5. The whole class of sparkers at Mercury, I think 24, all drafted to boats.
    I became a volunteer after completing 3 years and have no regrets, but they must be really strapped if they are now bribing people to join. I always thought if you joined the Navy you went were you were sent.
  6. Is this contingent on them passing their part 3's?
  7. YES. We'll still be in shit street though. Very few people outside of the currently serving SM community realise how bad the manning situation is - we really are in the shit.
    WHATEVER WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT..........NOW IN MY DAY etc. etc. blah blah blah
  9. And your point is........., what exactly??
  10. This is taking the piss, golden handcuffs, to keep the sundodgers in, but draft in the manpower thats needed. When you sign up you go where you are needed, not where you want to go.
  11. BANG ON Mikh, you where you are sent not where you want, whats the Navy coming to.
  12. Indeed tis true. Sadly there is a a bit (ahem) of a manning crisis. This is one of several plans to help fix things. My two pennorth is that yup - it will work in the short time but once the required return of service has been completed/expired, everyone will just go back to skimmers again, or outside. Somebody somewhere still has not realised that it's not actually the wages that are the problem. 5 grand here, 7 grand there - it doesn't matter - Jack is actually quite well paid. It's the conditions/hassle etc that need looking at. Stupid stuff like enough coffee/tea bags/milk for everyone when alongside. JPA. The fact that a young AB on a skimmer is actually slighly better off than his submariner counterpart at present when costed annually. The duty watch would like to have enough breakfast. A car pass could be made easier to obtain. Blah blah blah. It goes on. Daily frustrations. Until somebody does something about the fanatical bean counters then I'm afraid there's going to be continual manning problems. Why won't they draft anyone? Buggered if I know. 7 and a half grand. It's a phuqing joke and smacks in the face of all the hard working, decent loyal chaps that do exist albeit in small numbers.
  13. There I was having a great time in FMG at Rosyth november 1973 and they go and draft me to Polaris still spent 22 years in boats and yes some of it was crap but you put up with that because you were in the RN the senior service, I never heard the like paying matelots to be drafted what next asking if you would like to do a duty where is the pride where is the discipline , I am out 12 years now but still class myself as an ex matelot.If you cant take the -hit do'nt draw the kit.
  14. I think the Bomber manning is putting a lot of submariners off.

    The time 'on' and time 'off' is a lot different now working a sort of
    fifth watch like the SSN's .

    I am glad I did my time when I did --heheh

    They were offering WEA's £25 k commitment money not so long ago.

    Snag now is the ease of voluntary release -- long term planning drafting is
    almost unplan--able.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  15. The lads have been getting a "golden hello" for a while now, but that has recently been increased for those stolen from general service. You are all correct thet we need to get to the root cause of the problem and encourage guys to stay instead of shipping in new, inexperienced guys to relieve us old uns.
    Do any of you have any suggestions how we can make it better?
  16. I'm not on boats, however I did an Op last year on a T boat and having spoken to the lads on there while deployed the majority of them (which seemed to singlies and henced lived on board) were rather peeved at having to pay food and accom once they were back in base port as obviously they were accomadated ashore. Alot of them said that after paying food & accom (surface fleet don't when alongside) they wern't that much better off than their fellow skimmers at the same stage of their careers. Perhaps binning food & accom alongside may help (though no solve) the problem.
  17. Contribitor Mode


    I have been shouting this ever since they changed the rules which required single submariners to pay Acc and Food Charges or PAYE whilst along side. Which makes a sea going submariner no better off than his skimmer peers, so why join boats?

  18. Sorry nutty, wasn't aware of that.
    Exactly, theres no incentive whatsoever.
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The other problems in retention of Submariners (SSN) is the lack of shore runs outside of Faslane and Guz. More are now opening up, certainly Portland and I believe Southampton. Unless things have changed greatly over the years most join up to see something of the world, Skimmers are still getting a chance of this, Submariners are, it appears, not.
  20. In my last draft was a DO dealing with young romft lads putting their notice in as life was sh*te....the main and usual reason was that general service have emails,telly,jollies,nil hot bunking,don't pay food and accom as they live onboard ship alongside etc and that the disparity in pay wasn't good enough for the job and conditions. My response to this was to ask them to remember how they got to where they are now, SMQ, tank, part 3 and then becoming a member of something special and unique on presentation of dolphins, and S/M pay to boot. Then I would move onto my own experiences of general service, good jollies and good times (as I am sure most of us who were in general service before boats would agree) but nowhere near the same sense of belonging and camaradrie as in boats. Plus many other factors, no turn to on jollies unless required or duty, getting thinned out in baseport if theres no work on, living in accom inboard and not having to take part in heaves in harbour (I appreciate the state of Benbow block in Guzz and JR's blocks in Faslane but know what I prefer) being able to chat to the old man/XO as a mere OD, pissing up with the wardroom and SR's ashore etc etc in short lots of other things that are part and parcel of being in a brand apart like the submarine service. What I have discovered is that this, in a lot of notice givers cases, just is not good enough, being in boats simply doesn't mean that much to them and they would trade it in for a satellite phonecall everday and a more comfortable and easy life. Thankfully there are lots of good lads out there who are prepared to knuckle down, enjoy the good times and the not so good and are keeping us (just) going but that doesn't stop us being up sh*t creek with manpower, and thus financial incentives are finger in the dyke responses.

    This is only my take and opinion on the experiences I have had over the last few years dealing with young lads in boats I haven't touched on the problems with WE and aft SR retention! Its an emotive subject but I do feel like we are recruiting members of an 'easy lifestyle' society where life in submarines and its lack of creature comforts just isn't what they are looking for or are prepared to put up with.

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