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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by soleil, Nov 26, 2010.

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  1. Several people I know bought their Christmas Cards months ago and had them written and in the drawer ready to post weeks ago ..............

    Sigh ....... who are these people?

    Some people ........ cough ........ are buying their cards in the next week, so........

    I was wondering ........

    Do you buy Charity Cards or ordinary ones from a card shop or supermarket?

    Why do you pick those particular cards?

    Do you have some really good ones which you can recommend?

    (I am prepared for answers along the lines of "mmmm I don't actually buy anything, I get given cards to scribble my name on and mmmm that's that - I just eat the food .....")

  2. I don't buy Chrimbo cards, on December 24th each year I choose a religion which does not believe in Chrimbo, then on December 26th I revert back to my given religion Scroogism.
    Last year I converted to Budhism, the previous year to Jehovahs Witness and before that I became an Agnostic. This year I plan to become a Muslim, I have already ordered my Halal Leg of Pork and best Pork bangers from my good friend Hymie Goldstein purvayer of finish Kosher meat.

    Christmas Bah Humbug!
  3. I remember ships Christmas cards...... holly fringed photos of the ship stuck to a card, you had to buy them by the dozen. A PO(ME) came round the messes flogging said cards.... my oppo said 'I'll have two'... 'two dozen?' said the PO(ME) 'No, just two cards' said my oppo. 'why just two?' enquired the PO(ME)..... 'I might make a mistake on one' said my oppo.

    Gen dit. ! :reindeer:
  4. What are these Christmas cards that you speak of??
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think it must be something the wife deals with
  6. Oh I see, I'd best not disturb her in her womanly duties then.
  7. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Tend to buy my cards in January and then they go in the wrapping, gift, card cupboard fo 11 months.

    Normally choose overtly religious ones, not that I am a bible thumper but it reminds avaricious people to remember the spirit of Christmas.

    BHF do nice ones.
  8. I make all of mine and sell surplus for charity!
  9. As we're across the pond this year we've elected to get some done with some family photo's on them of our adventure so far! Good fun picking out what photos to put on and then arranging them, cropping etc. We got there eventually and we're delighted with the card.
  10. Ah ! so that is what she has been writing all weekend 8O
  11. Cropping! That is the proper term! Do you go to Michaels for supplies?
  12. I think you referring to my post, if not apologies!

    We've used:

    But we are stateside, not sure if they have offices in the UK or not.
  13. My Mrs buy Christmas cards twice a year. Once in January and once in November. Theory being that the bargain cards she gets in Jan will do for next year. Come November she has forgotten where she put them and has to buy a new lot. Some time I'm going to find about six years worth of Christmas cards.
  14. Christmas Day last year had my lunch in a pub in Barley and took some fab fotos (IMHO) of a snowy Pendle Hill so MAY do a Rosie this year and for the first time since I was about 7 actually make a few.

    As for the rest I have loads left from previous years which I will get rid of. Some are charity ones but I've also got a stash of cards of Guernsey in snow that I bought there last year.

    When I go on my hols I pick up local cards with a snowy scene if any are for sale. Had some nice Mousehole ones like this a few years back.

    A friend of mine last year sent me back the card I sent him the year before with a big illegible scribble in red marker on it. I have saved this card very very carefully and he'll be getting it back this year :)

    Over and out
  15. Our famliy usualy buy a mixture of charity (RNLI stroke foundation etc a lot of crds we get early usualy in january and special ones for gamily and close friends .Nowt wrong in that to me all in all we actulay send (some by hand) something like 80or more
  16. Always buy a couple of packs from RNLI for ex Naval colleagues and the like. The rest, apart from individual personal ones, come from our local "York against cancer" shop. Both my wife and myself went through the mill a few years ago, and the Cancer Care Centre at York hospital was absolutely brilliant, so we support it when we can.

  17. Awfully good of you 2BM. Hope you and the wife are through it all mate!
  18. Tight ass cousin had her crimbo cards name printed four years ago and we are still getting the same shite cards.
  19. Could be worse.

    Could be getting the cards you sent coming back with 'Same to you' written underneath.

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