Buying and moving into a house during phase 2


Hi all,

Anyone know if this is possible? I'll be going Fleet Air Arm so once I begin training at either Culdrose or Yeovilton that is where I'll be based. Is it, therefore, possible to buy a house and live in it during phase 2 or do you have to wait until you finish all training. I'm only asking if it were to be the right time to buy etc. Thanks


You won’t be at culdrose or yeovs until phase 2b but nothing stops you renting or buying a house if you can afford it

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By the book, you are expected to live in the base where you are training during phase two training, but nothing stopping a request to "live out". The idea of living on-site is to develop teamwork and focus on the training rather than external distractions which could affect your performance during training criteria assessments.

To be honest, in a career that can potentially span many years and the possibility that you may decide it's not for you, I'd be inclined to defer buying a house until training is complete and you have received your first draft order because if you buy a house local to one base and get drafted to the other, you will be rather hacked-off and financially disadvantaged.
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