Buying a new bike.

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by GashHand, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. Right, for all those out there who are good at bagging-a-bargain.

    I'm looking at buying an YZF-R1, a new one from a dealership. My local dealer is offering me a deal on a new, 2008, R1.They've knocked £500 quid off,so far. And it currently stands at £7999, at 0% for 42 months.

    Now, it's coming to the end of the year, and i was thinking this would be the time to get a decent deal. I know there's a new, upgraded version of the R1 coming out next year.But, the price may be well over £9500 and doubt i'd get a deal on one of those.I was thinking that this may drive prices of the 2008 models down a bit.

    So, what do you experts out there think? Are there any better deals near you?
    Or, should i stop dicking about, and go for this deal? OR, should i hold off til after the new year?

  2. I Liked my Raleigh..................!
  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Why don't you do a bit of research on the net about new bike prices, search dealers further afield. If your after a new bike play them off against each other, but make sure your local dealer will do your 500 mile service. 500 bucks off the "on the road" price seems not to bad, even if a new model is coming out next year. Zero interest is good too, would be much better if you could lay a couple of G's to drop the monthly payments. Push them to the limit, they want your cash, demand a years road tax. Try for your first 6000 mile service (don't know what the service intervals are) for free. When you feel you have a price and deal your happy with walk round the showroom into the clothing department and demand you want a new pair of gloves, one piece rainsuit, somethings under a ton. Watch them say no and make excuses like " I need to speak to there manager". Stand your ground and walk towards the door and then watch them crumble because they think there losing a 7 grand sale over 80 quid. Always remember they want your money and are not selling the bike at a lost.


    Buying a brand new R1 with winter kicking in,,,,,hmmmmmmmm. Good luck!!!!!!!
  4. Cornishgolfer, was it a Raleigh Grifter???

    Best bikes ever!!!

    :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  5. Buy the bike at 0% apr. Then get a winter hack to use and abuse over the bad months.

    Or get stacks of ACF50 with the £500 quid you save and preserve the thing to death.

    Is there a difference between the 08 and 09 R1?
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  7. Price around --go to a big ''main dealer'' and see. At the moment nobody is buying because the credit problems --and the thought of buying a 2008 bike this time of year --mmmmmmmmmmm. However by doing that
    you should get a bit more discount than £500 and the free road tax and anything else you can think of! HP 0% usually means they bump the price
    to cover the lost interest and commission from the sale and sometime add
    admin charges for the loan. They want your money !
    Are you doing a trade -in ?? If you are then the dealer may be holding out
    however he will be thinking off his nice new bike sitting in the showroom unsold and 2009 will be here soon-so try your luck !

    :nemo: :nemo:
  8. Shop around and I do mean shop around. Its the end of the biking season and the dealer will be looking to offload this years bikes as soon as possible to ensure his annual profit margin is kept. Do not let them browbeat you and push as much as you can. With the 2009 R1 being released, prices of an 08 model should fall a fair bit.

    Have a look at this link regarding the 2009 model.
  9. Must admit, i've looked about already, Taz motorbikes,(imports) and George White, and the like. I'm on here as you lot, sometimes, give out snippets of info that actually make sense.....

    I'm not convinced i'm getting the right/best deal from this (Yamaha)dealer I'm laying down a few grand as a part payment, so the payments aren't too bad(£119pcm) Not a great deal, but i'm a tight barsteward and my aim is to get as much as i can for my money.

    The price offered by the dealer is the complete, on the road price. I asked for leathers(£300) to be thrown in, but they refused and knocked £50 off....Not good enough, i thought.

    Yep, it's coming into the winter months, and the good riding days are numbered for this season.

    Perhaps i should wait one, until the start of next year.If i decide to bite the bullet and go for the new R1, then i'll accept i'm going to pay a lot for it. But, would you think there's a chance the 2008 models would be cheaper than this deal i'm getting now??

    The new R1 is different in styling, but some compare it to the agressive looks of the zx-10r, but the important bit is in the engine, employing the new-ish "Big-Bang Theory", improving performance.

    After thinking about it, methinks it may be best to hang on for a while yet.
  10. hmmmmm R1, ive got an 02 model and its ok........but im more of a kwak girl...and do prefer the zx10...however what you need to look at is that come November and the bike show at NEC all the new bikes will start to be on show...then come new year the new models hitting the uk shops normally coincide with the new 09 reg plates in March, thus the dealerships clearing their stock to make room for the new models.....if i was you...pick up a bargain on ebay for the winter....i can highly recommend an old 96/97 Fireblade for playing on...(155mph+) ive seen some good bargains on ebay up a suitcase of pretty green over winter, then come the new year....let the dealers sniff cash and get them to throw in extra's when you buy a new alarm system, datatag...akky slip on end can.....The dealers do prefer cash than HP and they will normally throw extra's in with the cash deal..but be cheeky with them and barter...ive had over £1000 worth of extra's in past buying a new bike with cash :nemo: :nemo: :nemo: IF YOU DONT ASK>>>YOU DONT GET

  11. I will stick to pedal power and my car so i know nowt about motercycles :w00t:
  12. Slips, sounds like good advice, ta! I've sold my Bandit, got another bike to sell, so come the new year should have the cash.

    Yep, i'm a firm believer in,"if you don't ask, you don't find out!".

  13. All bikes are for free in the Pool :w00t: :thumright:
  14. There was a write up in Bike or Ride mag recently on the R1's new engine.

    The technology sounds great and you have to say if it's good enough for Rossi then who are we to question its performance.
  15. Watch the 0% I once got a bigger discount by getting a bank loan and paying "cash" and saved money on the "0%" deal.
  16. There is also a very good article in the November issue of Performance Bikes magazine regarding the engine in the new R1 and the 'big bang' effect. What does that mean? Basically, the conventional inline four had a regular firing order with combustion every 180 degrees of crank rotation. The new engine now fires at 270, 90, 180 and back again. This changes the power pulses and gives more grip, or so they claim.

    How much us mere mortals would notice is negligable, but if you want the latest in technology, then the new R1 is for you.

    For me, I love my Honda's - reliable, don't rust, hold their value and 'boring' to ride so they say. :)
  17. MCN has a lowdown on the good deals going round at the moment
    Heard from a mate who's just left the biketrade that Kawasaki have shitloads of new ZX10's in stock so could get a deal on one of them from a kwak dealer
  18. That is because they are rust buckets mate and not anywhere near the build quality of either Honda or Yamaha.
  19. That's interesting......

    Went to the dealer to discuss a deal. Wasn't happy with it, so walked out.

    Interestingly enough, the dealership tried ringing me the other day! I couldn't answer the phone, so don't know why they were ringing. But, i'll go in again in a week or so, and see what there offering the.

    But, i'm determined to hang out til the new model comes out, next year.

  20. My belly is too big for a sportsbike anyway, I'll be sticking to my tatty bandit12 and pegaso for the forseeable future. Unless a few numbers come up or the missus pays for the new bathroom she wants..............

    ........................looks like the above bikes then!!!!

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