Buying a house

I,m bored today and found this on the net,
It may be of some use as a guide to property values if someone was thinking buying this year.I haven't had a chance cross check it with my postal code yet.But worth a look none the less even if it's a load of nonsense.
BBC houses Website said:
Sorry, we can not provide you with results for the details you entered. This might be because you have entered an invalid postcode.
Hmm, well I happen to know that the postcode I entered was correct. So the BBC one is crap too!
Sorry Rosie mate, both have failed :)
rosinacarley said:
That is only if you want to download office copies on HMLR. Can't comment for the BBC.

And stop being a smart arse or I shall set my :cat: on you.
Your pussy is very cute "Rosie" , :thumright:

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