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Buying a house or married quarters?


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I am joining in June and will be married to......Bit want to know how right to by scheme differs from civvy street if anyone has any knowledge of that area.

Also is it true if you get moved from a certain base that you can not transfer the house you have brought as in of you have a mortgage does that go onto a new house. Sorry if it's really simple but being only 24 and no experience in buying a house

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I don't know about right to buy, I don't think it exists for MQ's unless they're selling them off.

I bought my first house whilst serving, plus a subsequent move to another house and it's no different for serving personnel or civilians when you move house.

You put yours on the market, sell it, but another one and transfer the mortgage via your mortgage lender, with the assistance of your conveyance solicitor.

If you buy another before selling your first house you can get a bridging loan (expensive), similarly if you sell before you buy the sale can be delayed (chains can be a pain if someone pulls out). you have a safety net if there's a gap before moving out and moving in to the new property as you can apply for a short term let MQ.

Or do what I did when I moved from MQ's to first house and then from there to 2nd house. I was at sea each time and the wife had to deal with it all, all the moves were dead easy from my end :)
Ah that's awesome 6 months is still not long but a lot better........Not sure if you have much notice but how often would a aircraft handler switch basses from culdrose to yeovil ?

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No idea how many times you'd switch bases, I wasn't a WAFU, I worked for a living ;)

Before any Woo's say it, choose your branch, take your chance ;)

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