Buying a car whilst posted outside the UK.

Due to my current draft, I am interested in buying a car. I am not very savvy when it comes to tax status and what I am entitled to. Has anyone on here used any of the manufactures military sales teams?
Given your location says Bahrain, I don't think you'll be able to get anything tax-free. To qualify for a tax-free purchase of a UK car you must actually export the car once you've bought it (or within a certain period after).

Once you've exported it you may be liable to pay import taxes in the country you take it to. It will have to be registered in the country you import it into.

When returning to the UK, you have to re-register it and during this process you will have to present documentation to demonstrate that it has actually been registered overseas.

Regardless of the saving by getting a car tax free, you can get an excellent military discount from many manufacturers - Ford give up to around 30 percent on certain models - nearly every other car in some German camps is a Focus ST!

Some of the major military brokers have already been mentioned, I myself used Forces Cars Direct.

If I was you, I'd try and get a copy of Soldier magazine - all the main forces suppliers advertise in there. Once you've decided what you want, email them all and see what deal they'll offer, you can play them off against each other to get the best deal.

Once you've got a deal you're happy with get in touch with your local dealer for that car - see if they can match what you've been offered, if they can't they should come close to it and it will probably be more convenient for you when you come to collect.

Happy shopping

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