Button Boy Ganges....... The Movie


Lantern Swinger
Winsk said:
Sod being a Button Boy, Shilling or no Shilling.
If I remember rightly it was a specially minted crown (5 bob bit)
Drake 40 mess did mastmanning for the visit of HM The Queen 1961.
L/Jnr lee Smith was button boy. He was also an ex RHS Hollbrook boy and these kids had the edge over us "civvies." Ex RHS H. and Ganges, some great young "kids"
Personally I wouldn't stand on the button now as a grown-up for £1000, were the mast still ascendable. At 15 I'd have stood at the bottom of the Mast in white trousers and at the foot of the shrouds leading to the Devil's Elbow I'd have been wearing brown trousers!

All you G types deserve medals just for being there! :smilebox: :notworthy:
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