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early 60's[61 I think] whilst at Singapore there was a strong story doing the rounds that a PO wanted a leg over and asked a taxi driver,he took him to his own home and it took a while for it too click!
Seems quite a few were at it and all had a little butterfly tattooed on the shoulder and they were shipped home in disgrace.
Now as my memory is hazy[although I do remember the story clearly] was it just one of those tales that abounded in the Far East at that time.Anyone else heard of it.
Gave us all a good topic of discussion I recall but it may be just the Tiger talking.


War Hero
I heard the story in 66 and seemingly it had only just happenned. possibly another navy myth


I have also heard this, although second hand from a bootneck who was there in the early 60's. They definately weren't there, neither was Bugis St alas, when I first went there on a pussers grey in the 80's.

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