But Sir it just went off in my hand

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Andy_Cap, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. May be
    at 67 she was firing a warning shot but was a crap shot and hit him in the
    head? Thief’s be warned do not take on grannies they are hard as S**T
  2. Wrong place at wrong time for that burglar!
  3. He may have been trying to invent a new sport, head the lead, not sure it will catch on?
  4. Just quote the bible, "Come ye armed with a sword and so by the sword shalt thou perish".

    Good job the fucker never come with a tank.o_O
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  5. I saw this in the comments underneath which summed it up nicely
    "fire a warning shot or shoot in the leg? are you nuts?? here in the states we shoot twice... once to bring the fool down and another to keep the fool down!! toy or not, he got what he deserved"
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  6. Makes a change. My web history is about granny's that are nails, not nailing granny's
  7. Good job it was not the UK some bleeding heart liberal, would have argued the teenager was from a broken background and needed a hug.
  8. There was a story on the box recently about a priest walking along a riverbank, he sees a small boy fall into the freezing water from a bridge (it was November 1930 something) the priest dives in and saves the boys life, the boys name, Adolf Hitler, now grannies victim may have carried on with a life of crime or become a Nobel peace prize winner, who knows, for me, better to be safe than sorry.
  9. sure about that date Sharkey ?

    A.H. born * 20.04.1889 died 1945
  10. No...................
  11. RIP brave burglar. He was a real solja. I'm off to make a Faceshit page for him.
  12. never let the truth get in the way of a dit
  13. Sharkey does that mean you would of given him a hug or blown his brains out?
  14. o.k. i will be quiet then :(
  15. Not for long is my guess
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  16. It was on QI so it must be true; unfortunately that program doesn’t come on ‘till 9pmish and by that time my brain and Mr Merlot are busy arguing. So it could have been Jeremy Clarkson rescued by a St Bernard from a blazing whorehouse in 1666.
  17. No I wont :eye: True dit happend in 1894. Apologies Sharkey:bow:
  18. See post#18 :laughing1::laughing1:

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