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Busy day on the Clyde

Fresh in from my Spy on the Clyde a complete Fleet of amphibious assets have gathered for a bit of a piss up. Or maybe they are going to land and capture the Greenock, Kilcreggan, Helensburgh ferry that has posed such a danger to passing USN Assets.

Or they thought it was an Old Firm's derby match and thought they would join in the fighting.

Any of you in the Picture?

Perhaps there's a by election looming and it's a subliminal "look what you'll lose" message......nice phot though Nutty. Being out for a few years now anyone able to name them all?


War Hero
Book Reviewer
All very impressive until we remember that this force cannot do a landing opposed by even the most obsolete and dated air power as it has NO air defence. Not exactly a 'balanced' force.
Last time I saw the Gareloch looking like that with big ships was when the place was full of reserve/scrap awaiting breaking at the Ship breakers .

:nemo: :nemo:


War Hero
Maybe they're planning on invading the Kirkmichael Estate and getting rid of all "The Beach Boys" ?? (Evil barstewards, one and all)


Lantern Swinger
Belive we were there as well (Manchester), cant see the picture cause the settings are poo, but i think we were escorting the QE2 up the clyde for the last time!

so there was some kind off air defence there!


War Hero
Ooooo look it's me. Well the ship at least.

News from the front.

Dragonia is feel the pressure from the mighty amphibious task groups as we lay waste to all we meet.

In the meantime Guns is on watch. Day so far.

Fri 0600 awake
0630 Breakfast (no day workers gets food in time)
0645 Flying brief
0700 - 1300 on watch taking raid after raid after raid. 2 press interviews on watch.
1300 Scran. Full of day workers. Finish at 1330
1330 - 1500 Sleep.
1500 - 1730 Work
1730 Command Brief
1830 Scran - no room full of day workers
1900 on watch
1900 - 0100 More bloody aircraft. And press.
0100 - 0300 Sleep
0300 Hands to Action Stations. get it on. Anti flash and all.
0630 Action Messing. Breakfast will mostly be meat of varying types in stew.
0700 On watch.
0700 - 1300 more raids, more press and no dayworkers as they have their heads down cos they are tired.
1300 off watch, eat in 5mins
1307 Lights off going deep
1400 phone call from dayworker asking why I haven't returned a pack
1401 finish shouting down phone sleep.
1432 Stwds hoover outside cabin. Work out how much time I could get for murder.
1800 wake up, sure the the ship will survive without my input to command brief.
1900 On watch.
Now - speaking to you.

Joint Warrior 082 (JMC in old money) with French, Dutch, US, NL and so many more. Weather, well it is Oct so a little lumpy. Around 50kts of wind but getting better.

Hello fellow MNF members and remember - we are part of a legitate UN MNF operating iso of UNSCR 3902 etc etc etc. Oh and a force for good

Guns, keeping dayworking muppets safe.
tomm90 said:
There will be no RN Trident boats or other RN ships based in Scotland, if Alex Salmond, the SNP and the leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland have their way.

'Scottish Catholic leader urges public to vote in Glenrothes by-election'

Well that only gives you two choices Falmouith or Guzz thats if V boats are allowed in when armed or possibly Milford Haven if the Taffies have not also chucked Pusser out. Would we invest all that mones in a Welsh base with the possibility of being thrown out a few years down the line?

If we have to share out the assets we could give then the Type 45's and half built CV's and get some proper ships.

Go Alex Go.

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