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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Waspie, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. Portland was like its old self yesterday.

    Loads of helicopter activity, the sound of beating rotors were everywhere.

    Merlins, Lynx and even the odd Chinook. Not operating from the old RNAS though. New Ground! (The high ground overlooking the airstation.) They had fuel bowsers the lot up there.

    Lots of activity in Weymouth Bay, then the choppers were landing on the top of the island to check load lifting kit, refuel then off again.

    Ahh the smell of avcat!!! memories.
  2. Like that Waspie, is the high ground the area that was, the grassed area where the Mast was???
  3. The waste ground at the back of the Portland Heights Motel. (To the right of the golf ball on top of the Verne prison looking from the airstation.)
  4. Post a piccy if you have one.... Is the Portland heights Motel ...... the old CPO mess???
  5. I'm glad you wafus can get nostalgic over Portland.
    To most of us it was freeze your balls off, get filled in by a moronic marauding boot neck and friggin survive on a couple of boiled sweets and whatever you could persuade the local groupies to bring to you.:-D
    The Andrew just called it Internal security exercise.
  6. My Bold:laughing2: it was the best draft in the Andrew bar none...... Approved lodgings in Weymouth with a very nice young blonde landlady, in my first digs, then a very nice old blonde landlady in my next digs :-D
  7. Did you ever meet a NA Marshal during your time annoying the rest of us with your hairy planes?
    He was famous in my early years Circa 67 as being the only bod I ever knew fell out a wasp, when it was flying.:laughing2:
  8. Nope i was a Killick pinky in 67 maintaining Buccaneers. Only in 70 did i sell my birth rites to become an old and bold aircrewman!!!
  9. That one never filtered down through the rumour mill.

    I knew a crewie out in Singa's who told the pilot to take off when he was stood by the step of a Wessie, not on it. The dutiful pilot took off as requested and left said crewie dangling by his dispatcher harness!!!! Twas a sight to behold.

    (A tenner in my wallet gets his name)

    'Scouse' I will see if I have or can get a piccy of the top of the rock for you.
  10. Scouse, the helo's where landing inbetween the GCA and Motel at the top of the pic.

    Sorry the image is an old one, airstation still under construction, first time round!!

  11. I have just found a picture of our apprentice who asked the Flt Cmdr if he could go load lifting when out in the Med.....so we duly dressed him in an immersion suit, a few hours before flying stations, launched the Wasp, spread out the net and sat him in it (at this point he really thought he was going to go flying around the ship in the net), the driver hovered over the net, connected him and actually lifted him a few feet off the deck before dropping him down again and telling him not to be so fcuking stupid.....good old Scotty, a man who could lick his own nipple bless him.
  12. Cheers for that Waspie... i would never have thought . It was that high up!!! I would get altitude sickness up there:laughing2:
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Scouse if you remember the War Memorial at the top of the hill at Portland the Portland Heights is right at the top. The Sidon Memorial Stone is on an area right in front of the Hotel. Loads of pics on the Dorset site gallery, but non of the Motel, I'll take some next time I'm over there
  14. That reminded me of the Flt killick pinkie who managed to wrapp the cable from the earthing pole around his leg then actually earth the Wasp during a load lifting sortie.

    Picture Frankie Vaughan and thats how high he kicked!!!!!!! :laughing2::laughing2::laughing2:
  15. Cheers for that, have to admit hardly went up the hill at all , a couple of times to the married Patch...... easy now my mate and his wife lived there, also a few times Go Carting overlooking Chesil Beach
  16. Scouse you got altitude sickness just climbing into the top bunk:-D:pottytrain2::-D
  17. Yea something going on...about 3 this afternoon down at Lee seafront three choppers flew over in formation....a lynx..a chinook and a seaking..they went on down the Solent ...looked like they were having a race...

  18. FAA - That lot always were racists, UA:wink:
  19. In the 60,s we used to have a mock whirlwind dumped up there, it was along the road past the viewing place. Then past the prison and just near to the entraces to the tunnels. We would light it up and two of us off the duty fire crew would be dumped there by the SAR. Then rescue the dummy and sit there for half an hour whilst our duty fire trucks lumbered up from the Fire Station at boscown hanger in castletown.
    Then in the early 70,s when the hotel had just opened, i took my missus up there for a nosh. It was a loverly summers evening on leaving but the carpark to be was not finnished and still full of trenches for pipes and stuff for the hotel. I helped my missus across one trench Then like a fool took half a pace back to turn round and went backwards down another trench. I laid in the bottom and burst out laughing, needless to say so did my missus. My best civvy suit was covered in mud and soacked from the 2 inches of water in the bottom. Some of the staff came out to see what all the fun was. they took us back inside helped sponge me down, then gave the wife and I a bottle of plonk which we supped and got a taxi home as id had enough to drink before the incident. lol. Happy Memories. lol. of the top of Fraggle.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2011
  20. Couple of pics I found on the mobile of a Chinook on New Ground.

    First thing I saw!

    Scouse, the Radar is out of site, but it is behind the wall on the left of the pic. North is to the left!

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