Busted! Hugh Grant and the Journalist

Plenty of allegations about big names involvement but one wonders just how much proof still exists to back up the claims.I was slightly amused that the only time the recording failed to record the conversation properly was when Tony Blair's name was mentioned.Huh,modern technology eh?
New Statesman: "The Bugger, Bugged"

Given the recent admissions and subsequent fall out in the tabloid media about the News International bugging campaign, I'm very surprised that this particularly fascinating story wasn't mentioned. Especially by our own Champagne Socialist, Finks... :shock:

Though I would never condone law-breaking I have to say that this is a non-story as far as I am concerned. If some dicey journalist chooses to tap the phones of the ‘great and good’ and the lovvies I don’t give a fish’s tit.

My swingometer has swung violently away from the champagne socialist tag to right of centre as I do not wish to be linked in any way to our present administration of milquetoast lefties.

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