Business Opportunity along with advice if you’re thinking of starting your own


Hi there,

my name is Alan Adams and I’m ex navy. I left quite a few years ago now but still remember how unsettling Civvy street was after joining up at 17.

I’ve been in business for over 5 years now, and have done more courses and read more books than you can shake a hairy stick at. There are things I can recommend, and things I’d highly recommend you avoid if you’re thinking of going into business. If you have any questions, post them and I’ll do my best to answer any queries.

I’ve also been involved with a company now on a part-time basis for 5 years and it’s going really well – in fact ex-service personnel always do really well!

The company has been going for 12 years and has doubled its turnover to £370 million in the last 2 years, it was also Best-Performing Share in 2008 (Telecom Plus), Financial Times’ Company of the Year 2009, and it has come top for its services in the country’s leading consumer magazine several times. Despite all of this, it currently only has just over 1% of the market.

So what do we do? Well, we provide the ultimate consumables: energy, telephony, internet, and mobiles for both the residential market (with an average saving of £817) and businesses that can save thousands.

Click here or cut and paste the url to see a short DVD:

I will stress that this is a business opportunity and not a job. Everyone pretty much starts part-time, and the initial outlay is only £199.75 and you can start making a profit from day one as I did, or you can look at a franchise for say cleaning toilets in a post coded area for £15,000 :)

Have a great day any questions just ask

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Sorry about that,

yes that is the link and I ve now checked the one on the post and its now working

Thanks for pointing that out :)

As for a scam, it really would be the scam of the century to pull the wool over the city, get itself listed on the stock market and Finical Times company of the year



Online forums tend to be slightly more negative cause the people that post comments have normally had a bad experience, now I d never say were perfect but compared to the competition, BT British Gas, were loads better :)

Also we were Top in Which? 4 years running for energy, telephony and broadband, and that doesn't take into account the high street savings for shopping or the shopping online savings that people can make

Please feel free to to have a look cashback card is your high-street savings and findmethecheapest is the online stuff



PS just had a look at the review site you recommended and at what some of the others were at least twice as good then :)

British Gas 18%
Npower 8%
BT Broadband 25%
TalkTalk 14%

It's just worth pointing out that there are two sides to every coin/argument/see-saw.

I'm glad that you have faith in the 'product' & that its working out fine for you so don't get me wrong.

I encountered one of your ilk recently (at a Lymington Market Day) akin to a Jehovah's Witness her spiel was a little over-enthusiastic for me.

As I'll soon be comparing utilities etc. I will probably include UW in my own short list - but as a Consumer you'll understand, not as an Agent. :glasses9:


Yeah no problem and its always good to be a sceptic, its less painful :)

This post came about because I m about to be made redundant and the extra income I ve built up part time over the past few years is keeping a roof over my head and really saving my skin, I also know quite a few ex-services that are doing well so thought it was worth putting out there

And yes some distributors are a little over enthusiastic

Have a great week


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