"Business Casual"

I've been told to wear "business casual" to my URNU meet and greet tomorrow night, but I'm unsure if wearing my suit jacket goes a step to far into business. I'm already wearing the suit bottom but I'd like to save the jacket for if I actually get an interview.

Many thanks!
As I work in an office where business casual is the rig of the day unless meeting clients:

chinos/smart trousers/suit trousers if you must (!), decent shoes, jumper as required. No need for a jacket. Otherwise known in the RN as planters. Def suit for the interview as you suggest. Good luck.
As a woman my options are somewhat limited to suit trousers or skirts and it's a dear god no on the skirt front given the weather. I'll toss a jumper into my bag so I'll have something warm to wear.

Many thanks for the quick reply and the wish of luck. It's fingers crossed on this end!


Lantern Swinger
Business casual to me says trousers (without the crease), a shirt, no need for tie, possibly a thin plain black/grey jumper over the shirt, shoes of course. No need for a tie (can do though if you like), and no need for a Jacket.

Worked in HR at WHS Head Office for years, the above is pretty much what they'd describe as Smart Casual!


Lantern Swinger
Just saw you are a woman -saw the "dan" and thought you were a guy. Oops!

Then, only use my advice if you opt for a sex change.
Not sure I can get one of those done before tomorrow ;) I live with three guys and they weren't sure how to progress once we decided I couldn't wear chinos.

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