Bush vs Shoes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by broadside, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. Did you see the shoe episode with Bush the dodger and the media guy's shoes?

    We need to get that man enshrined as a hero for having a go ... and he hasn't got a bad right arm either - could we get him into the England cricket team?

    Only reason he missed is that Bush has had no much incoming sent in his direction he is almost on autopilot for dodging the stuff - he can't stay lucky for ever though!
  2. To throw a sole of a shoe at some one in the arab culture, is a sign of contempt. I haven't watched the news yet this morning, however, when making a post in the CA forum, please supply a link.

    Full story

    p.s. could do with him on the olympics team
  3. Bushes minders should have replyed with the American display of contempt and inserted a round through the cheeky buggers swede.
  4. If thats right about Arab culture Jeeny.You could say it was fitting for the poor wee sole.
  5. Its a real pity he never got the shoes square in the coupon.
  6. Bud-Lite are going to use the shoe-icide attack in an advert. It's the funniest Bush moment since Shrub Senior slumped over at a State banquet in Japan and loosed a stream of projectile vomit into the lap of the Japanese Prime Minister before sliding under the table unconscious. Way to go Chimpy :thumright:

    Happy Trails

  7. Terrible shoe throwing technique. He gave it his all but passion alone ain't going to do it. Must have technique. His aim, flick and follow through was poorly executed!
  8. Obviously the launcher holds Bush in the same contempt as I do, shame it did not catch him full in the grid. :thumright:
  9. Can someone organise a whip-round and send over some stilettos!
  10. I'm amazed he had the wit to duck.... twice
  11. But he had a great one-liner as the first shoe headed for Chimpy McFlightsuit "This is a farewell kiss you dog"!!!!!!!!

    There are more than a few Seppos who wish his aim had been better and that he had been throwing steel-toed boots :bball:

  12. Wonder if the thrower can be persuaded to give Broon the Clown a shoeing :w00t:
  13. Were they slip ons?
  14. Sorry JD - link was - "I caught a glimpse of the shoes being thrown on the BBC World service this morning on my way to work" - is that better?
  15. For the president of a country which has gone about the world causing mayhem for decades, well, the man got off lightly.
    I appreciate the significance of the action in that part of the world, an insult seriously meant.
  16. Thing is mate it only works as an insult if the recipient also sees it that way!
    Something tells me he just can't make the connection :)
  17. The joke in Texarse is that the last thing that Bush dodged so quickly was his Vietnam draft :thumright:

  18. Classic!

    Even better when one considers that the Shrub was once Governor in Texas.

    I just hope that the journalist got his shoes back in good condition.
    And better luck next time.

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