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Bush pledges Iraq troop reduction


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GWB went to show his ever aging, sorry, lovely face on the US news withint he past 24hrs, stating that he will be bringing near enough 6000 troops home by next July.

Now, will he stand by this? Is this just a ploy to try and keep his status as president? Or do we think he has seen sense?

US President George W Bush has made a televised address backing a limited withdrawal of troops from Iraq.
Mr Bush said 5,700 personnel would be home by Christmas, and expected thousands more to return by July 2008.

He said he had accepted the advice of US commander in Iraq, Gen David Petraeus, who gave a progress report to Congress earlier this week.

The plan would take troop numbers back to their level before Mr Bush ordered a "surge" at the start of this year.

The Democrats had called for a change of course, accusing the president of giving no plan on how to end the war.

And, says the BBC's Justin Webb in Washington, they reacted to this speech with unusually strong condemnation. One presidential candidate, Joe Biden, called it shameful and bizarre.

Mr Bush's speech followed the news that a key Sunni ally of the US had been killed in Iraq.



Jenny_Dabber said:
GWB went to show his ever aging, sorry, lovely face on the US news withint he past 24hrs, stating that he will be bringing near enough 6000 troops home by next July.


He wont have to bring them home - by next July they will have lost another 6000 anyway.


Smoke and mirrors. The surge numbers cannot be sustained; so the trick is to call the next troop rotation a "reduction" and hope that the DMF's fall for it.........



War Hero
Bergen said:
The surge numbers cannot be sustained; so the trick is to call the next troop rotation a "reduction"

Well, thats probably due to the fact that to sustain the "surge", difficult questions must be asked like "please can I have another $87bn", to which responses like "WTF did you plan on spending it on", are going to meet stoney silences. Thats without even getting into the sticky problem of recruiting and training enough bodies to meet the need for fresh faces in unpopular places.
sgtpepperband said:
Wouldn't it have been easier for GWB to just point at Gordon Brown as say: "What he said!"

:? :lol:

And that would make more sense than what most of Bush ever says. :thumright:

Deleted 7

To be honest, I don't really keep up with the latest news out there.

However, I think GWB is trying to colonise Iraq or would I be wrong in thinking that? I mean, he has all these troops out there and he isn't really getting anything done apart from friendly firing, recently.

Could this end up turning into another artic thing involving ice and a flag...........who can put their flag there first?

It's time to bring those troops home guys
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