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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by geoffg, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. I just got my bus pass, well, actually it's called a My Fife Card. Must be getting old, eh!!
    Anyone else got one or too embarrassed.
    Have I had me lunch yet ??
    geoff(ers) :?
  2. Received mine on Monday 16th - 4 days after my Preserved Terminal Grant was paid in ........ and I still don't look the age, got all my own salt & pepper hair still too !!

    (Modestly he says..... :wink: )
  3. have you noticed the day you die ? it`s on there, i expire on the 31 Jan 2010?
  4. Phew Hig------Mine is 2017 so hope yet
  5. So it's congrats to Whitemouse and Geoff then. You lucky buggers! Just think of all the fun you're going to have spending those extraordinary amounts of government funded pension rate increases. You won't know you're born!!

  6. Ive had one for 16 years initially half fare now full freebie and never used it,
    Thinking seriously of trying it out before either I or the pass expires :? :?
  7. Haven't actually reached that age yet, but thanks for your kind thought SF --- at least RedKen has done something for me at last ..
  8. Had mine since last year grabbed it as soon as I could. It's about the only good thing Bliar has given us!
  9. Get mine in 8 years time ,
  10. I got mine last year, but the tight fisted gits of Fareham only sanction trips inside the borough boundaries, with two exceptions. QA hospital and Lee on Solent. However they did manage to find enough cash to give themselves a 20% pay rise and money to refurbish the civic buildings.

    Keep Striving
  11. I use mine to prove my age, so I can get free prescriptions and fish and chips at pensioners rate! What goes round, comes round.
  12. Can we have a coffin dodgers forum for this lot!!!
  13. Get my Fife card and my preserved Terminal grant on Friday

    All I need now is enough cash to quit work so I can use the thing
  14. Cant you use it to get to work??

    Just like being back in the mob with home to duties!!
  15. Thought that you didn`t get your bus pass until you were 65 ?(male) I didn`t.
  16. It is now 60 (male), has been for 3 years or so now.
  17. Had mine for a year, use it for commuting to work so I am alreadygetting excellent valuefrom it, especially as works all over Scotland.

    Wife doesn't get hers for another 6 months and I have threatened to trade her in for an older one as I have to pay for her.
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    May I congratulate you all on getting that far, despite your previous naval service.
    As a (service) pensioner, when I get mine as a true civil pensioner, I intend spending days on end sitting on buses, speaking in a loud voice, playing my Ipod excessively loud and stubbing my spliff out on some youngsters hoodie jacket.
  19. I was considerin' getting on a bus to some far away place in Scotland and gettin' mortal then phoning home for someone to come and get me. Trouble is, they wouldn't come!! :oops:
    geoff(ers) :?

    PS There's other stuff on the card too apparently, library's etc I think.
    Is it bed time yet?? But i never ate me supper :cry:
  20. I'm looking forward to getting a rottie and terrorising the morons who cycle on pavements with it :twisted:

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