Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Taloolah, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. Dear All.

    I burned my bottom on the iron. Seemed quick so thought the wound would be small but it's about two inches in length and still quite sore.

    Got cold water onto it immediately and have been applying Sudocrem and bio-oil (for moisture) faithfully twice a day but am afraid it will scar .

    Does anyone know of a super-dooper burn cream that can help, one can purchase over the counter and doesn't cost the earth.....?

    Plus, I thought burns must be left to 'air' but this also means the cream rubs off against clothing.

    Any advice gratefully received. :)

  2. Chicks dig scars.

    Let it scab over then pick it.

    Repeat process as many times as neccessary until scar appears.
  3. Stop shagging on the ironing board then!!! 8O

    I think tea tree oil might be quite good for that. If i remember rightly burns dressing are coated in it although you will get scarring.
  4. The mind some what bogglees at quite how you managed to burn your bottom, you can buy large size (not that I am suggesting your bum is large) burn dressings in the chemist, failing that apply cream and cober wit a plain dressing stuck on with you favoured brand of sticking plaster tape.

    This may well take your mind off other things for a day or two.
  5. I am a chick ( what straight bloke would honestly call himself 'Taloolah', I mean c'mon) 8) :roll: and, whilst I admit, scars across a man's face , head etc. can be sexually exciting, a scar across my derriere is an unwanted addition to My Body That Is A Temple. :D

    Dig that. :wink:
  6. It might be a temple but you still have a hole in your arse you shit out of. Its going to scar get over it!!! :wink: 8)
  7. Thank you XRD and Maxi for suggestions, they help.

    [Maxi - iron on holder on ironing board, three feet infront of bedroom door.
    T ( clad in birthday suit only) steps forwards to open door, T steps back, right buttock singes. Not one of my best :roll: but thanks for the advice]. :)
  8. This I get from the I-watch-myself-jacking-off-in-the-shower-because-I'm-Mr- Essence himself 8O :lol:...but you're right. Worse things happen at sea. :)
  9. Only cos your jealous!! 8O
  10. In that case leave it. It will give blokes something to looking while they are hanging out the back of you.
  11. MMMmmm Long legs then, or just a low ironing board.
  12. X : Jealous ? Yes of course I am. Everyone here knows that both your good self and Montigny blind us all with your godlike looks and leave us breathless with your very testosteroned presence, but what can I say ? Jealousy's a trait of us mere mortals. Please forgive me. :roll: :wink: 8)

    2DD : Bloody good point. I might get a tat done over the scar when it's totally healed....a big arrow pointing SW mebbe to proffer a 'visual aid' to the said Gent :lol: :D

    Maxi : (First option) :wink:

    Edited for type-o's
  13. dont worry if it scars. I have a 2 inch long scar on my arse cheek because i fell of a skateboard ( lying down on it going down a fcuking huge hill and falling off into glass) all in all it was 1inch width and 2 inch in length and about 1-2 inchs deep, and that happend donkeys years ago.
  14. oh to add i was given the royalty treatment and sat on a cousing on and hard surfaces i had to sit on :D
  15. I did hear of a WREN, it was a few years ago who had an arrow round the front, wiith "Pay as you Enter" above it.

    :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  16. Sounds like a gal with a Wren-like reputation 8O ....not a bad option considering these trying times....second-income an' all that 8)
  17. Well as long as you know your place. Now get your scabby arse back in the kitchen and make me some scran!!! :twisted: :twisted:
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    You need to get a BF whos got more than 2". KY will prevent friction burns in future.
  19. Ever heard of Vic Burns??

    it does when applied to your ringpiece!! 8O
  20. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Or you need to get a new "bob" longer than 2". :wink:

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