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Discussion in 'History' started by emptyeye, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. Ahoy

    I have jumped over from the ARRSE site (ex pongo) I have a question about the Burma RNVR. I agreed to find out some info for a work colleague, her father was serving in said RNVR during the WWII and after but has no info about him all. No BURMA RNVR on google that i can see.

    I have asked navy service records if they have any info, no joy there.
    If this site is as good as ARRSE, Im sure there will be someone out there who can steer me in the right direction.

    Cheers Aye
  2. Have you tried the MOD RN website or the Imperial War Museum yet?

  3. Yes on the MOD RN site, and no for the IWM, they dont hold sevice records
  4. Hi and thanks

    the RNVR records are held here:
    Navy Records Centre
    TNT Archive Services
    Trenton Point,
    William Nadin Way
    Swaddlincote, South Derbyshire
    DE11 0BB (01283) 227913

    and this is the reply when i asked them:

    Sorry for the delay in replying. We have nothing relating to the Burma RNVR in our Archives, however I did check our index's to be on the safe side but have not found him.
    May I suggest you try the internet, I have done some searching myself and after googling Burma RNVR came up with a web site but am unable to access it at this time ( our system having gone down).

    So...still nothing to date, any ideas?
  5. Have you clicked on sweetpea's National Archives link? It leads to several documents concerning the Burma RNVR including this:

  6. emptyeye,
    Thanks for posting further details and the reply :roll: you received from The Navy Records Centre.

    Since the Burma RNVR service records are not in the Navy Records Centre Archives, nor are they at the National Archives, London, I can only presume that they were handed over to Burma when Burma claimed her independence from Britain in 1948.

    Many service records have been handed over in the past to former Commonwealth countries who gained independence from the UK, their Governments assumed full responsibility for all those who served in the Armed Forces prior to independence, and all service records are archived by those Governments. As Burma was once under British rule, perhaps this is the case with the Burma RNVR service records? ... I don't know - perhaps other forum members might have the answer?

    I've requested a bit of help from a friend who is a professional military historian/researcher, as he might be able to throw some light on this. I will PM you once I've received a reply from him.


    Edited 'cos I mispelt a word :x
  7. Thanks sp, its very much appreciated
  8. emptyeye, Please check your PM's.
  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    There MIGHT be something in the Oriental and India Studies section of the British Library. It certainly holds stuff about the Indian Army; it has inherited what were the records of the India Office, the Govt dept in London responsible for affairs in the sub-continent, which were archived at Independence. If visiting, take ID and also passport-type photos as this will speed up the issue of your pass.
  10. Hi SP

    Thanks very very very very very very much for that info you just sent me, just brilliant!!!! what knowledge, i never expected so much help

    excellent news
  11. I am a member of the Burma R.N.V.R sinee 1944 until DEc 1947 when it was disbanded due to Independence of Burma. I was the last Commanding Officer of ML 391. I am now eighty eight and there are very few of us left. The Myanmar Navy do not maintain any records of the Burma R.N.V,R. ASK ME WHAT YOU WISH TO KNOW - and I might be able to help. I also served on the HMBS Scarab and HMBS MAYU . Cheers
  12. Await your question about Burma RNVR,
  13. May have to wait awhile, the thread was started in 2009 and the OP last posted the same year.
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    myomalwin I have pm'd the OP for you so hopefully he will pick up the tread again

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