Burger education

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by LujonSA, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Why not go the whole nine yards and offer a McDonald ( :pukel: )Degree? "Do you want fries with that?", would earn you a Masters no doubt, and you would get a PhD if you can convince someone to 'go large'.

  2. I was wondering about that? Will the fries be the same from a "Chip Monk" who has "A"level, rather than someone who has an"O" level?
    Or perhaps the next step is for the Veggy option, which will only be served by some with a Sociology degree :pukel:
  3. How many stars will you get?
  4. It did give me a temporary rise in blood pressure during my first mug of tea this morning. Then I thought, is an "A Level" in grilling, nutrition and supplies ordering any less of a joke than a honours degree in mejia studies?

    It must be a good idea because it's supported by Brown, the serviceman's friend.
  5. While we may all mock this Mcqualification are we doing it before being in full possession of the facts?
    For a start it is not an A level but an NVQ aimed at junior management.
    So what may it entail?
    Well I am only guessing but how about some of the fol owing for starters.

    1. Food and kitchen hygiene.
    2. Food storage regulations
    3. Cooking temperatures
    4. Staff management.
    5. Ordering of punishable stock and consumables.
    6. The laws regarding health and safety and food consuption.

    Well thats for starters and I bet there will be much more.
    Now if we removed the McDonalds name from the course would it be more acceptable?
    Lets face it when we look at the way the current GCSE and A levels are being run it could well be a superior qualification.
  6. Aw come on; the ingredients aren't that bad!
  7. As a mejia studies graduate, I object to people belittling this fine, upstanding qualification which fully prepares its recipient for life, a fulfilling career in the mejia and is in no way a waste of three years. Oh no, wait, it was... Still, lots of beer at the taxpayers' expense... :w00t:

    The moment I realised I was on the wrong course was when I was explaining grammatical terms to the lecturers. :shakefist:
  8. I must admit after thinking about it I tend to agree, though I am still having a slight proble with the concept of 'punnishing' the stock.

    What this really is, is the recognition of in house training schemes that meet the required standards. For years every one has been moaning about industry not doing it's fair share of the training and then when companies start to do something then the same lot that were complaining start poking fun. It is really just the same as engineering companies taking in apprentices and organising their training to recognised national standards
  9. Surely it just goes to prove that McBurgers are not made of beef but naughty beefy prison stock: Excuse me, can I order a McCannibal? ;)
  10. The ingredients might not be but the end product is ghastly.

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