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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by rod-gearing, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. Just got back from a trip to Plymouth,god how its changed,when I got to wondering if Burberry coats are still issued and is the Burberry flag is still flown when it rains?
    Dont know why I started to think of it,probably due to the rain.
    Also are Wndy Burbs still issed? The waterproof short jacket we had in the 70's.
  2. Ahhhh the joys of marching in Windyburbs!The only garment with an inbuilt tick tock device!
  3. Hated the damn things, did'nt keep you warm or dry, and you sounded like you were
    wearing a bag of crisps when marching :toilet: :toilet:
  4. Was your visit to Guzz on a wet friday night in winter? It can't have been or you wouldn't have though it had changed one bit.
    The top part of Union St seemed very grim indeed as I sloshed through the rubbish and discarded bits of kebab back in February. It was probably grim in the 70's but most of the time I was beyond caring.
    On the topic I have still got my windy burb (circa 70's) I keep it in my car in case of breakdown.
  5. No,but I didnt recognise anywhere familiar with so much new build about.
    The Barbican hasnt changed too much though apart from the Al Fresco cafes etc. The Marina looks very swish.
    My Windy Burbs died along time ago.although I still have my submariners sleeping bag.
  6. No longer issued thank God. We're given some really decent jackets now-a-days which actually keep the rain out. Imagine that!!

  7. About as much use as oilskins at sea, that let rain pour down your neck soaking your sea jersey and oggin actually channeled down your seaboots :threaten:
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    So I'm guessing that the Burbs isn't issued now. What a great bit of kit on a run ashore that was, deep pockets to hold everything, also acted as a sleeping bag or ground sheet as required. The only thing needed to improve it was the white silk (type) scarf. Happy days, what better that a run ashore in rig?
  9. They obviously issued a better quality garment in your day Janner cause the one I had was absolutely crap.

  10. I absolutely agree with Janner, the Pusser issued Dark Navy Blue belted Raincoat, made by Burberry, not a fashion house in them days 50's, 60s, was a item of quality. It would easily carry in its many pockets 200 D/Fs a pint bottle of milk, a special oggie, wallet, ID card, US Navy ship/boat engraved zippo lighter (mine was USS Hancock CV). It had to be worn with, must have, white silk scarf and black leather gloves, optional. Not only did it look smart with bells and a cap with nice bow wave, but also doubles as blanket in bus station, railway stations and trains, strange peoples settees etc. Ground sheet for sh*****g, cape for playing Zorro with nephews and nieces.

    But them were the days before the Irish troubles and all runs ashore were in the rig.

  11. Very True - I had mine for 17 years, took the belt off when it became fashionable to be loose, let the sleeves down when I grew taller (must be all that Pusser's nosh... !! ;) ), and still had it for a few years after I left - had to get rid of it eventually as the ex decided enough was enough.

    As for some of the other items; my son used the hat for playing with, and one of my daughters used my old bells for a school play (yep, I still had the square rig though I was in fore and aft - that went with the burberry
    :( )

    Still have the old mess dress though..... ahem !!
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    First time I boarded a Maltese bus - couldn't believe my eyes - ALL the passengers were decked in Pusser's Burberries stolen off the ships.

    Officers' Burberries were single-breasted, unbelted. Later mine fell to bits through daily clambering over a barbed-wire fence at the back of my firm's car park (short cut past some cows).
  13. And it you were realy flash, you had the detachable inner that used to button to the inside of your Burbs, it used to make it a lot warmer in the winter
  14. Ah the Burberry Lining.
  15. still got mine in the loft.. Use it on windy days when I go for a walk.. Still got the lining too. Ahhh!!!! memories.

    Windy burbs was a pain in the arse, it used to get brittle when it was cold. and attracted all kinds of dirt. :rambo: :rambo:
  16. Great description and you had a buggers job getting it kit book size!

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