Bupa uk armed force policy allows service personnel to be sexually assaulted.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by D91JACKDUSTY, Jul 10, 2011.

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  1. Bupa uk doesnt like the rn

    mmmmmm rnrnrnrnrnrnrn
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2011
  2. Send setting of the day. over
  3. pongo get off our site, you havent got the intelligence to be here and mate I WOULD YOU TO SAY WHAT YOU JUST WROTE TO MY FACE AS YOU WOULD RUN A MILE !.
  4. You utter throbber, I'm not a pongo. **** off and go and learn some grammar and how to post without CRYPTO.
  5. My concern Is not BUPA. It's drunks being allowed computers.
  6. It's never stopped you before.
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  7. Bupa may not care but RR allows "Care in the Community" peeps to post so all's well. I take it by your name you were a blanket stacker, must have given you PTSD.
  8. Notice you never argued the intelligence point.........................Copper.
    Is that green crypto, and if so have you PM'd the Dabbers brother?:laughing2:
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  9. Cant argue against what's true!!!!

    I see the Bloody police thread is still running.........much like the Dabber from this site.
  10. Jimpy,

    Like Freddy K - She'll be back ...... Once her (and her heroic Bro.) have got their lives back on track.
  11. Why are you threatening him, he's not a bad bloke.
    How about we tell you dabbers bro is coming for you. Bob.:laughing2:
    Now post something cheerful, and stand in the corner.:-D

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