Bun hanging


War Hero
OK, I'll bite. What is bun hanging? Is it one of those "traditions" invented on the back of a fag packet by the wardroom, like the word nozzer?
No bun hanging pics, but I got some polaroids of a mate of mine shaggin' a Victoria Sponge cake....I' ll see if I can find them when I next go up in the attic.
Perhaps the O.P. suffers from stumpy fingers and hits the wrong keys occassionally.
I think the question could refer to BUM Hanging.
Don't worry a Steward or S.B.A. (M.A. in new money) will be along shortly :cry:


War Hero
Seems odd, in this day and age, that the Navy commemorates the actions of a grieving mother, clearly with mental health issues, by perpetuating her very peculiar tormented act of OCD.
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