''BUM RATION '' All gay posts in here!

So you can all get pink 'n' fluffy together heres your own place.

Welcome to ''Bum Rations''very own bar The Blue Oyster club.

Leave your ''brown hats'' at the door.

Password is ''whats a golden rivet''
type42stoker said:
Good one BBD, I like that, it's funny!
Cheers. I was looking for one that said...According to this, your fucking straight, but there weren't one!
If my humour ever offends, feel free to give me a cyber-clout.
A type 42 stroker.
Live and let live I say.
Speaking as a lesbian (I must be 'cos I'm really into women) I think there's room for everyone..........ooooer.
If you've found what does it for you in life then good on ya; more power to your elbow(s) knees and other bits...only watch out for those carpet burns.

Mind you ifn you'd asked me about this fifteen years ago I'd have been a rabid anti....but times change and so do opinions. There are far more important things to concern ourselves with these days!!!!

Quite a few of the lads and lasses I work with are gay and I've noticed that one and all DGAF. We all work together to try and ease the workload of all concerned and make life just that bit easier and bearable. One bloke had a sex change and some of the more hairy roughy toughy despatchers went out of their way to make sure he/she was able to cope mentally. They saw straight through the innuendoes and sniggers and saw the human beneath.
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