Bulwark - trip to E Berlin


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Jeez Sol - how do you do it?

What a great find and even a very quick shot of me at 1.03 between the cake-cutter and Mountbatten! I'd forgotten Charles was there too!

I haven't changed a bit.........
'Tis Black Magic oi tell 'ee!

Sol would appreciate other choccys though ;)


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Yep, pretty grim! It got better - not a lot! That's why I was unafraid of telling you about it, as NOBODY would recognise me from that! No HBM needed!!

//Thread drift//

I had a (better!) set when I met the current Mrs S-B, but I was bored with it (the set, not potential Mrs S-B!)
She had long hair and was bored with it too. So a pact was made - I'd shave off, she'd get her hair chopped and we'd meet up and go out for a meal to celebrate our new looks.

One skin matelot and a long haired pash went out that night....... Yep, she welched on the deal!

//Carry on with the E Berlin stuff!//