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my son as just contatced us claiming he is being bullied by other recruits in is block at raleigh, he claims they are picking on him and trashing is bedding and kit, he is in his second week, and as just phoned home almost in tears, he claims he is scared to leave his gear and that last nigth they soaked his bedding . He doesnt want to be seen as a grass by telling his PO ,any advice would be very helpfull and we would be very gratefull,


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Do you have the contact details of his division? The phone number? Call them. If you get no reply call the main gate.


Has he made any friends there?
Would they be willing to stick up for him?
Thing is he has to do something about it and that might mean he has to tell his PO.
Bullying isnt tollorated and this event shouldnt put him off being in the navy if its really what he wants to do.
Get him to tell his instructor. He won't be seen as a agrass. He'll be seen as a mature responsible lad who isn't willing to stand for that rubbish and knows the correct way of dealing with it. And then disclose the name of his assailants and we will retuen the favour when they get into the fleet. :twisted:


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I do hope he gets it sorted out .I abore any sort of bullying.more so if it has the chance of putting to an end a promising career :x


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Bulling is not tolerated in the Navy, ever. I would suggest you get your son to get his Divisional Officers details to you and then give them a ring. Talk through the situation with them and the matter will be dealt with.

Having spent most of my childhood being bullied I know the pain it causes.

If you are happy, and hopefully people on here will vouch for me, you can PM me his details and I will make a phone call on Monday to his DO to pass on your concerns.

I would also suggest that if he is down tonight and wants to talk to someone get your son to turn over his ID card and on the back will be a phone number for the RN and RM Supportline.


Bullies like this never realise that there is always someone bigger than them and one day if they carry on this way then they will try it with the wrong person and end up on the recieving end. when that day comes we shall all laugh at them

I hate bullies and everything they stand for.
Bullying should not be tolerated, I suffered that at Ganges in 72/73 and lot of guys crumpled under it and left the Navy with some bitter memories. I at least luckily moved on and made CPO.
The trouble is the class will be full of insecure people and it's pack instinct and they feel threatend and if the heat is on someone else and they can join in the bullying then they are happy it's not them.
I suspect your Son is more talented than some of class.
I know it was a nono in my day but a talk with his DO not his PO would be the best way forward.


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Call 02392 722351 & ask for the Royal Navy Confidential Supportline.

Sadly in all walks of life, in school, university, work, home, abroad & elsewhere you may come across bullies from time to time. The RN has a very rigid Anti-Bullying policy (below) in place & will simply not tolerate bullies. However it would be naive to claim that it doesn't exist - occasionally it may, but for as long as it is reported, it will get investigated & if proven, the instigators will face disciplinary action - they are the cases that make it to the press.

The odd thing about bullying is that it comes in many different guises- the perpetrators seldom realise what they are doing is by definition, bullying. They often think of it as "banter" and are mortified when they realise they are actually making someone's life hell. The simple advice is that if you think you are being bullied- seek advice from your Divisional Senior Rate immediately & take action if appropriate.


 The Royal Navy & Royal Marines are committed to upholding the right of all personnel to work in an environment free from intimidation, humiliation, harassment or abuse.

 This commitment is enshrined in the RN Diversity and Equality Policy and Strategy.

 Behaviour such as bullying or harassment is manifestly unfair, undermines confidence and reduces morale.

There is zero tolerance to bullying and harassment in the Royal Navy.

 Any allegation of discrimination, harassment, victimisation or bullying will be investigated and disciplinary or administrative action taken where there is sufficient and reliable evidence.

 All individuals who are in a position of authority are to be aware that they are to

(a) promote an environment conducive to harmonious working,

(b) become aware of any developing conflicts and take positive action to ensure that these are resolved early, fairly and amicably, and

(c) have the moral courage to take firm action against any inappropriate behaviour.

 There are two avenues of redress open to Service personnel who believe that they have been the subject of inappropriate behaviour such as bullying and harassment.

 The first is informal where the person approaches the alleged perpetrator directly - either in person, in writing or via a third party. Often this solves the problem, as the perpetrator may not be aware that his/her actions are causing distress.

 If such an approach is not suitable or its does not succeed, individuals can submit a formal complaint to their Commanding Officer under the Royal Navy's laid down complaints procedures. It will then be investigated immediately, impartially and thoroughly, with fairness and sensitivity to all parties involved, and both the complainant and the alleged perpetrator will be kept informed throughout the process.

Assistance can also be provided by EO qualified personnel from the Special Investigations Branch.

 Where the complaint is upheld, a range of sanctions can be deployed, from an apology by the perpetrator through to administrative or disciplinary action. The redress requested by the complainant will be taken into account as well as the severity of the incident.

 Should the complaint not be upheld by the Commanding Officer, individuals can appeal and they have a right for their case to be considered by a higher authority outside their ship/establishment; this process can
be progressed as far up as the Admiralty Board.

 Where the alleged incident of bullying or harassment is unlawful under the Sex Discrimination Act, Race Relations Act, Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations or the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations, complainants also have the right to submit their complaint to an Employment Tribunal, at the same time that it is being considered through Service channels.

 Advice and support is available at any stage to both victims and alleged perpetrators from many sources. There include the person's Divisional Officer, a chaplain, the ship/establishment Equal Opportunities Adviser, legal advisers, the Naval Personal and Family Services organisation or the Confidential Supportline.

 Divisional Officers provide a link between the Commanding Officer to the most junior sailor. They are part of the Divisional system which is a personnel management system that provides a structure within a
ship/establishment to supervise, develop, and train the members of its company. Of note is that it is also the means by which the welfare of personnel can be addressed and it is to a Divisional Officer that a rating will
turn if he/she has family, financial or work problems.

 All ships/establishments have an Equal Opportunities Adviser who is a commissioned officer

 All personnel are made aware of the Naval Service's policy on EO, including bullying and harassment, and the complaints procedure by formal instruction from basic training through career and leadership courses up to senior managers' awareness days specifically focussed on EO.

 The level of bullying and harassment in the RN and the effectiveness of its policy on these issues is continuously monitored by means of routine and exit surveys, statistics from the Supportline and external agencies together with performance indicators on recruiting, training and retention which are part of management plans. Additionally, details of disciplinary offences, formal complaints and informal complaints over discrimination, bullying and harassment are recorded and analysed.

 Surveys specifically ask personnel to indicate if they have experienced bullying, harassment or discrimination, how they dealt with it, and, if they did nothing, why they made that decision.


Get your son to report this ASAP

I have been in the forces for over 22years now. We dont like this sort of behaviour and will not put up with it. Your lad has got enough on his plate dealing with the training and being away from home.

Hope you manage to sort this out.


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Whilst not condoning the actions of the thugs who're picking on your lad, perhaps they're administering some form of collective 'corrective Training' that the ringleaders believe is the usual Military response to an individuals perceived poor performance in that days training, because they've seen 'Full Metal Jacket' a few times.
Tell your son to name names to his Training Team, it's his career that matters not the jumped up little Hitlers, (Two Weeks in FFS, the [email protected] are probably enthusiastic Ex Cadets of some ilk, who want to win Best Division/Class/Section of the Week!) who feel it's their job to 'Instruct' your son when they've got little or no idea of the purpose of Basic Training anyway.


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Get it reported to the relevant people (his Divisional staff), they will come down on the perpetrators like a ton of bricks. He should not fear any repercussions either.


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The navy does not want nor need bullies. If they get away with it it will only encourage them to do it to someone else. Get your son to report it as soon as possible, the sooner its stopped the better for all concerned.

The idea is for the trainees to work together as a team, and if they are trashing his bedding and making life difficult for him it goes against everything the instructors are trying to achieve.


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Some great advice offered here by those in the know. Never stood for bullying as a Pongo and will not stand for it when I get to Raleigh, either to myself or others.
These lads may think they're being clever now, but by god they'll get a shock when they join their first ship and meet the grown ups. I fcuking abhore bullies and am always happy to dole out some corrective training. I hope this gets sorted out.


If the perpetrators continue to harass after a complaint is made, it will be classed at victimisation. Which is an offence that will mean dismissal. Jumped up little sh**es deserve everything they get, the last thing the armed forces need is another stupid hazing malarkey like the guardsmen who died during a beasting or deepcut.


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In my intake in 88 there was a chef and to honest he was a bit of a snag. The other lads gave him stick. As the class leader at 22 I gave him a hand at kit musters, Ironing and folding his kit to A4 size. I could of just left him to fail but I didn't. The biggest bully of our intake was a sixteen year old scouser from the SCC who thought he knew it all. And I hope he reads this and recognizes himself and is ashamed. If he still has any doughts our number starts D26155--.....C*#t.
laserparty said:
my son as just contatced us claiming he is being bullied by other recruits in is block at raleigh, he claims they are picking on him and trashing is bedding and kit, he is in his second week, and as just phoned home almost in tears, he claims he is scared to leave his gear and that last nigth they soaked his bedding . He doesnt want to be seen as a grass by telling his PO ,any advice would be very helpfull and we would be very gratefull,

He really needs to tell the duty staff as quickly as possible, so they can stop it happening. The longer these bullies get away with it the more they will do it. There really is no place within the Royal Navy for bullies now day. We advise all our new entries that they need to inform the staff and not try to take matters into their own hands.

Please tell you son to have a word with the staff as soon as you can speak to him.

Kind regards

Supermario - Naval Careers staff


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