Bullying or banter, wit or waffle, chat or crap?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. I posted this earlier today on another thread My sole reason for starting a new thread is that (fairly predictably) the first reply was 'cock' - hence putting this thread into Lil's. Also as the earlier post is at the end of another longish thread, there are those that might wish to discuss the issues raised, but who may have missed the earlier post. Some has been slightly re-written to keep it in context for this thread.

    I have no problem being called a cock on an electronic device as I have been called a lot worse in real life and to my face!

    I'm going to pop my head over the parapet here......

    There appears to be a culture regarding hypocrisy and double standards. The 'gang' (same old faces) get it in their heads that they don't like someone and then go for them, usually with childish comments (you knob thrunging wet dildo.... etc etc) and no real input. OK Tam/Finks used to go for a lot of bites, and Taloolha made a mistake about the 90 hour week, but I think she posted some interestting and thought provoking stuff on here at times.

    At least SPB generally appears to keep his head down for a while after a controversial event, much as he or she has done this time.

    It is only an inernet forum - not real life. The majority of us are, or have been, steely eyed messengers of death. We are also all ex primary school children. I'm all for banter and wind ups and bites and wit and repartee, but replies like 'you're a cock', 'no, you're a bigger cock' ad nauseum is a bit sad. What next 'I'm going to get my big brother/dad'? Maybe it is time to consign most, but not all, of the latter school child philosphy to the playground bin and concentrate on the slightly more mature outlook?

    No, I'm not pissed/hung over from last night. Yes, I do not have to read the theads etc. However I do find it a bit sad when grown men (?) continue this garbage.

    I just know there will be a couple of 'really grown up' replies to this - not.

    OK, rant over, crawling back from the parapet.

    As I said, the first response was 'cock', negative smiley.

    Any chance of a relatively grown up discussion?
  2. I am so very pleased with myself, I have been able to resist answering with "COCK" !!!!
    I am now a grown up...
  3. I'm stealing that and using it as my own.
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  4. As you said SB its not real life and while you do get the banter that lets be honest we all thrive on I think you will find that most RR respect the forum's that are shall we say a bit more important, and from what Ive read some good advice. Sorry to hear that you have been called worst to you face than you have on an electronic device. See where your coming from, but I dont see the gripe broad shoulders an all that

    Dont let the B*stards grind you down
  5. Actually, it does become boring listening and also joining in the abuse, often it is required though, we have been infested with all sorts of brain dead bastards over the years.

    It is sad when a good thread gets crayoned over, I don't mind if a thread goes off on a tangent, as long as it's semi constructive.

    But see your point.
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  6. Your bold. Do I have to include a smiley so you don't get upset?
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  7. Piss taking, banter, shit slinging, talking dirty, this is a service forum so all those should be expected, and when they are used in a humerous context we all chuckle and maybe join in, but when its just, as you say, you're a cock etc, then its not funny unless maybe you are under 10, and IMO when this kicks off, the people involved should be binned for a time until they get the message.
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  8. Actually "You're a cock" is quite funny, it's concise, descriptive and is multi functional as a retort, insult or comment.

    Top Gear is on later and the master of delivering "You're a cock" is James May.
  9. He's a cock.
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  10. S-B has made some valid points and I will add my voice to his.
    People do post drivel and I'm certain most of the time they are looking for bites so after my naval training I do not respond even with the name calling nor join in with the cyber bullying.If the thread developes that way so be it but seeing the same faces getting a shit storm every time they post gets very boring though I'm sure those at the forefront of it must get some pleasure though I struggle to see how,perhaps it's the thrill of the chase.

  11. He should know, but I agree it can be quite funny as with everything else in the right context
  12. As,I think, Bernard Manning once said, comedy is all about timing, if the audience turns up at 7 oclock and the turn arrives at 9, they wont think its funny, its all about timing spiv.
  13. '

    Yes S-B

    But busy just now so v. quickly and at the risk of being called a Moderator Candidate (Failed) again by a couple on here...

    At http://www.navy-net.co.uk/gash-barge/67672-whom-may-concern.html I suggested a site issue problem/solution:

    #65 <<...(But as stated at my OP - Forget me for MOD!!)

    CA is supposed to be in the 'Serious' section, (along with Finance and Pensions, The Quarterdeck, Charity and Petitions). Once a topic started to deteriorate the MODs used to shift it to the Gash Barge, but they've lost interest, chaos & crayoning reigns, all credibility is lost.

    If nothing else I for one would like to see 'The Serious Bit' remain so.

    To enable CA to regain some respectability whilst still providing for robust and far-from-serious mess-deck discussions on 'current affairs' as reported by the likes of the Daily Mail etc the solution seem to be the addition of another section in the Forum's 'Rough Bits' along with 'Diamond Lils', 'RR's Greatest Threads' and this area, 'The Gash Barge'.

    eg At 'The Serious Bit' - Retitle 'Current Affairs' to 'Current Affairs - SERIOUS ONLY' and Add Heavily Moderated or somesuch, just like a Female Forum at ARSSE. Intention being that Rationers would then debate sensibly without fear/favour.

    At 'The Rough Bit' - Add a new section entitled 'Current Affairs - NON-SERIOUS ONLY' or CA - LITE VERSION as Many Current Affairs subjects do merit mockery and a good bashing with expletives banter which the Serious threads cannot allow for.

    Moderation is a thankless task with few takers but regular contributors could pull their weight on their behalf by flagging up a standard one-liner:

    eg "Sorry but kindly confine inappropriate comments to the Gash Barge or Diamond Lil's"

    If nowt else this thread has attracted some lively discussion, if the above suggest gains any of your support I'll flag it up at 'Site Issues' for the train set Owners/Operators as a serious suggestion.

    Comments, please ?..>>

    On a positive note I feel that there had been a positive response after initiating "To whom it may concern" in October, except for a stony silence from CA the Moderators themselves....

    Re: Bullying & Flame Wars: Depressing, yes, but I'll get back on those. IMO unless there is genuine link/evidence of peedow-icity it is surely well out of order to bang on about it?

    See you tomorrow.
  14. is that 9 zulu, is that funny or a smart arse answer, or funny to some and not others that's the problem we all see things differently
  15. "You're a cock" Is funny. Fact. To prove it, pick up your phone, dial one of your mates and when he answers it, simply say "You're a cock" and put the phone down.

    Fucking excellent fun.
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  16. You are a bad man
  17. Yeh, and some of his stuff is funny, but not in this case, IMO
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  18. Mmmm, that does sound like it might be fun,

    Give all us your No. then, Monty, and let's see if that really works... :evil2: :evil4:
  19. Anyone who thinks "You're a cock" isnt funny..is a cock !
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  20. So if you call a male chicken a cock is that funny??????????

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