Bullying in HM Armed Forces survey result

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by WreckerL, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. May have been posted before.



    The EOAT has presented its latest report to SofS and has found that allegations of 'a culture of widespread bullying and brutality' within
    the British Armed Forces are, in the most part, unfounded. The Advisory Team, which travelled to every Defence Establishment across the UK and overseas, interviewed staff from all three services and found surprisingly few cases of unfair treatment or bullying within the Royal Navy and the British Army.

    However, endemic mistreatment would appear to exist in the Royal Air Force. Complaints to the EOAT numbered 13,555 from the RAF, compared to 3 from the Navy and just 1 from the Army.

    While this statistic is alarming in its own right, it becomes horrific when one considers that each complaint represents a sad story of abuse, mistreatment and neglect. As one senior RAF officer was quoted: "Each story is, in itself, a sad indictment of the RAF. When taken as a whole, however, they demonstrate a reprehensible lack of regard for personnel on the part of RAF management at all levels, and I include junior managers in particular."

    · One young pilot told of having to spend two nights in tented accommodation, despite the fact that there was a five-star hotel just 10 kms away with rooms available.

    · Another said that he had been forced to endure a gruelling fitness test every year since he joined in 1997.

    · One airwoman alleged that she had been overlooked for promotion on numerous occasions, simply because she was fat, lazy and stupid.

    · An aircraftman stated that he had been refused permission to wear civilian attire to work, despite the fact that his uniform clashed with the blonde highlights he had put in his hair.

    · Another had been forced to wear uncomfortable safety boots for periods of up to eight hours at a time.

    · An RAF clerk could not understand why she had been sent to work in a Joint military headquarters. "I have been forced to work for horrid Army people who just don't understand what the military is all about" she stated, "I feel that the RAF has victimised me by forcing me to do this....I shall be seeking compensation."

    · Shockingly, RAF Senior Ranks are also subject to widespread mistreatment. One SNCO Flight Sergeant stated: "I was deeply, deeply upset when I was addressed as 'Flight Sergeant' by an officer. He knew my name was Robert. It was just horrible. I have never been more humiliated in my life." In response, a senior RAF officer stated: "The officer in question has been moved on..."

    A number of RAF personnel complained of having to attend courses that were not relevant to their jobs, such as rigorous ground combat courses and drawn out lectures on occupational health and safety. To add insult to injury, a young Corporal was even ordered to pack up chairs in the classroom after one such course.

    A huge backlash against the treatment of Air Force personnel should provide senior officers with a vital clue with regard to the massive retention problems experienced by the RAF in recent years. Over the past 24 months, Defence has spent £19.8 million looking into the issue.

    Not all of the Air Force's hierarchy, however, were upset by the revelations. Outgoing Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Errol Flynn, KCB CBE DFC ADC BSc (Eng) FRAeS stated: "I am delighted with the result. I am very happy that our retention problems are due, in the most part at least, to something as harmless as bullying. I thought everyone was leaving because of me."
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    But you haven't included a link or reference, Wrecker!! I refuse to admit this is truth, and demand that you tell me where you got this information - or did you plajiuri... plagerou... playjiz... nick it from some other site and claim it as your own? I will continue to scweam like a girl until you tell me!! :shock:
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  4. Source is covert as it came by pusser's e-mail, it is suspect though as there's no mention of it on Wiki.
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  5. Put it on E-Goat for you. should be good.
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    Its kindly got your name on it as well Wrecks
  7. I'll put a barrier at the end of my drive, by the time the rock apes have finished raising and lowering it, I'll be long gone.

    edited to add I've just looked and he has put my moniker on it, the git. It's gone one response of the "not that one going round again, tsk" nature. I'll have to keep an eye on that thread :laughing2:
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  8. Corrected that for you. .:brushteeth:
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    Will you scweam and scweam and scwaem until you're sthick?

    Violet Elizabeth

    Unfortunately not as good as the radio version. Violet's "I can you know" threat was much more menacing on radio.
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  12. I always credit my sources.

    A bit disapointed with their lack of responce, expected a bit of a bite.
  13. The Navy number of three cases is rubbish. I committed that number every day.
  14. E=Goats responce: Reduce reuse recycle,

    Found it on ARRSE dated May 2007
  15. They said it's 'old'.

    What do they know about 'old'?
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  16. Was there no mention in the report of ground crew being brought to tears when they were told "your not on the front line just because you helped the pilot get in the plane"??
  17. This is nothing short of scurrilous. I know that RAF personnel are extremely moral, upstanding people.
    I remember after a rugby match against RAF Leuchars that when one Jumper, Donkey, ******* (Surname withheld for legal reasons) was dancing Zulu Warrior at the post match boat race in the all ranks club, one young lady in blue rushed up to him, we all thought to join in, after all, Jumper naked was something to behold and he often had such an effect on the weaker gender. We soon twigged that she had something else in mind when she started to try and put his clothes back on him. We were confused and bewildered when their crushers arrived and heaved us off the base, after all, we had behaved perfectly normally. We decided there and then that we'd never go back to the place, which actually neatly coincided with their wishes about our future relationship. I reckon that, really, they were pissed off because we had beaten them roundly on the pitch and that they were ashamed that they couldn't dance as well as Jumper and also that he was testament to the fact that the Navy was much better equipped than the RAF at that time.
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  18. As first posts go, that was very good :)

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