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Hi all
Sorry if this is dull! Have been given a topic for a course and need a few peoples opinions. The subject is roughly- Has the compaints procedure gone to far ruining service discipline or have they got it right"? ie can we complain to easily now? Old and bolds opinions really appreciated too.

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Frogman: If you are currently serving then you, or your DO, will have access to JSP 831 (Redress of Individual Grievances: Service Complaints). The procedures and references are also contained in JSP 830 (Manual of Service Law) and BR2 (QRRNs).
SPB yes mate still serving, happy with all references and Equality and diversity policy etc. Need more of an opinion than anything. This subject has been given to by the E&D lead desk and they are interested what " the feel on the streets" is.
sgtpepperband said:
Frogman: If you are currently serving then you, or your DO, will have access to JSP 831 (Redress of Individual Grievances: Service Complaints). The procedures and references are also contained in JSP 830 (Manual of Service Law) and BR2 (QRRNs).
Only ever read NAMMS, bed book of choice. The JAP was far too big and "Purple".
Hi Frogman,

Trying to be helpful, so please don't misunderstand me.

If you really are doing research for a course, you will need to be able to reference your sources, and I don't think you'll be able to use any information you get from here.

The only way you can cite opinions etc will be "A bunch of people I never met, some of whom are still serving, some who have left and some who have never served reckon that . . . " and that isn't really acceptable.

You may want to talk to Veterans agencies, RBL, Phase 1 or Phase 2 staff and possibly those who carried out the Duty of Care (DOC) Audit a few years ago.

In other words, your research will need to be more than just joining Rum Ration and making a single post - it's your course, you need to do the work.
Appreciate what your saying. However believe it or not the lead desk of E & D policy Leech building ie Fleet- DO WANT OUR OPINIONS. I have spent a month researching this subject, really happy with all the BR's, QRRNs, E&D policies etc. However for the final part of my research I would like to get opinions off of various sources. Hope this makes it a little clearer, trust me it took me a week to get my head round the subject!!!

Thanks again

frogman007 said:
trust me it took me a week to get my head round the subject!!!
I believe you - I did the Tri-Service E&D course nearly 10 years ago and as the policy changes all the time, any training quickly goes out of date!! :?

Seriously though, search the MoD intranet for the DOC Audit reports (post Deepcut) and get in touch with someone who was on the DOC team. I don't have access now I'm outside, but any members of the team should be able to point you in the right direction.

Good luck

Hello again mate

This is what I have to explain to everyone I spoke to on subject. The SO1 for RN E&D desk want OUR opinions it is one of the top 10 hot topics in the RN. He does not want me to lecture him on HIS subject. I know it sounds odd and have looked all through past complaints etc but now they want SR's opinions. Have canvassed a class of juniors have canvassed a killicks course but just want to get peoples thoughts and convey them to the lead desk.

A quick yes or no would be really appreciated.

Thanks again

:roll: All I recall about drip chits is the cry of the seen off green rubbed matelot usually a gash hand and always a member of the after tot time debating society :cry: It went thus;- with head thrown back and arms raised to haven the heartfelt cry of" I'M SLAPPING IN TO SEE SOME BASTARD ABOUT THIS FCUKER :!: "Anyone know of anyone who actually went through with it? If so what was the result.? Re bullying it was tried on me as a junior on my first draft. Very short lived as I've a fast right hook that Rocky Graziano would have envied. :twisted:
My whole mess used to bully a lad. He had a chin that looked like an arse so we called him Bumchin. The fact that he was also a mong and possibly the most gash hand you have ever seen didn't do him any favours.

The few times that I felt sorry for him and tried to be his oppo, he'd just end up saying something to really piss me off again. It's the only real bullying I witnessed in the mob and to be honest I don't really regret it. The guy was a class A chopper and deserved all the abuse he got.

As for official complaints and 'slapping in' the only people who ever did this were gash hands with some kind of petty grievance and it never amounted to anything. I joined the mob after it became too pink and fluffy for a short clip round the ear from the killick of the mess and to be honest, the only thing that kept most of us in check, was the fear of being bullied.
:geek: 2 D you are discriminating against "Gash Hands" Some of us made a career of being gash hands it was a great number. Beware the wrath of the gash hands and the black spot. :twisted:

I wonder if you might gain from putting together a questionnaire.

The problem from a research perspective in asking a very open ended question is that you tend to get rather open ended answers; that means that you have to sort the wheat from the chaff and you might not end up with that much wheat.

If you were to sit down and work through everything you have written and compiled so far, you would see that there are specific points in your research which lend themselves to the canvassing of opinion. List those points until you have say 20 and then draw up a questionnaire which can be offered for anonymous completion.

The advantage of this method is that, once the questionnaires are returned, you can use your data to expand on the relevant paragraphs, thus substantiating the factual content of that paragraph or the line you are taking in that section of your work.
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