Bullying and Abuse


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IF his story can help others we should stand by him not critise him.

Le me put to you this way

#What if it was some you knew who had been bullied in the service then took their own life?

Wouldn't you want to raise the awareness of bullying in the forces?

Fully agree. But **** me it's boring on here. Most come here for banter and fun, not some throb sticks personal agenda and crusade. There are THREE sides to every story. His. His, and the other bits we are never privvy to. Not convinced he is some wonder rating. He has bored me already.

Did he keep getting his corrections wrong on his chart work?

Oh and I love the line on MH's forum about being QEWO. WOW you winner. It doesn't actually make you a WO.


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I found the post interesting, enlightening and somewhat refreshing...it's good to have something interesting to read on here for a change instead of te usual dire crap that usually gets posted. To the OP...hope you find success in getting something done about your pension. To most of the rest of you, what a grumpy load of old gits you are.

Good night all.


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To be fair I knew an AB Nav's Yeo Y**** in the second half of the 80s and he was a right ****.

I also know a civvy bint called L********* who works in HMS R****** U** and she's a nasty bitch as well. Maybe related.

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