Bull Gores Man To Death In Spain

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Backpacker1uk, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Good for the bull, seems a totally pointless (excuse the pun) exercise to me.
  2. I don't understand how the Spanish have got away with this so-called sport...it's ridiculous imo.
  3. Do they still lob donkey's off that tower, there was a big hoo haa about that a few years back?
  4. hoo haa or hee haw? :lol:
  5. :lol: :lol: Edited to say hee haw splat!!
  6. Catalunya, PROU has collected 180,169 signatures in favour of banning bullfights in Catalonia during the 120 days that were legally allotted for signature collection. The deadline for signature collection took place on May 6th and the signatures have been delivered to the Institute of Catalonian Statistics (IDESECAT).

    After a signature recount and their verification by the institute, the signatures and an official certificate will be delivered to the Catalonian Parliament.

    Once the signatures have been delivered to the Catalonian Parliament, a lengthy bureaucratic process will take place and the proposed legislation will need to undergo various rounds of voting. The proposed law to ban bullfighting in Catalonia will then be in the hands of the Parliamentarians. In addition to the success of the signature collection, the number of municipalities that have declared themselves to be opposed to bullfights has grown to 65 during these months.
    Only a few days ago, Vallgorgina became the most recent municipality to join the long list of municipalities that publicly deplore bullfighting. These abolitionist declarations represent the wishes of thousands of constituents who have tipped the balance in favour of banning bullfights.
    The PROU commission takes this opportunity to thank all the signature collectors, the celebrities and local figures who have stepped forward to endorse the campaign, and the Catalonian citizens who made the effort to visit the PROU tables and sign the legislative petition. A Catalonian ban on bullfighting could soon be a reality. On behalf of the bulls, we thank you.
  7. Amazing isn't it ? That with all the activities in the world to pursue, distressing animals is the best people can think up for entertainment.

    As for why the Spanish get away with it ? Probably the same way the English have gotten away with running foxes to the point of exhaustion, often with their leg ligaments cut to ensure a successful outcome for the 'hunt'. Political sexiness and Who's-Whoever backing the Bill.

    'Sport is an activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. Sports commonly refer to activities where the physical capabilities of the competitor are the sole or primary determinant of the outcome ....Sport is commonly defined as an organized, competitive and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play'.

    Fair play to any animal that get the upper hand when needlessly tormented in the name of human cruelty and stupidity.Members of the human race who perpetuate such misery don't deserve to live and are an utter waste of valuable space. :evil:

    Edited for type-o's
  8. You'll have someone's eye out with that thing!! :lol:
  9. Nicely put T, glad to see you've taken the bull by the horns :wink:
  10. :evil: My old mum knew thousands of lads that had had an eye out with anything that was fun. Never met any of them myself!
  11. Not really a lot, will it be enough to make a difference.

    I think the saddest part of this thread is that there is no video of the bull doing his business with this peice of shit.

    I hope it was as painful for him as it must be for the bulls.
  12. A few of us while in Malaga witnessed a bullfight, the arena wasn't filled out so of course we could be heard very vocally cheering for the bulls...peed off a few locals but tuff titty...very depressing sight, only reason we went was out of pure curiosity....after watching 5 bulls get slaughtered went away fairly upset.... :x
  13. No, only a submariner dressed as one!
  14. [​IMG]
    Barcelona, Barcelona’s bullring, La Monumental, opened its season with an extremely low attendance. Over 80% of its seats were glaringly empty*.
    The failure to fill the bullring is indicative of Catalonia’s rejection of these violent spectacles and of a general disinterest for this moribund tradition. Despite the financial losses, the bullfighting industry insists in maintaining the bullring open as part of a strategic effort to promote bullfighting.

    Unfortunately, tourists accounted for most of the few seats that were occupied in Barcelona’s bullring. Meanwhile, PROU’s Popular Legislative Initiative continues to gather signatures and has already managed to greatly surpass the number of signatures required to ensure that the proposed law to ban bullfighting can be submitted to the Parliament.
  15. Not only that, the farms that raise the bulls claim handouts from the EU, so indirectly every EU Citizen that pays taxes, also helps to support this sickening sport!
  16. How good are you at catching?, and I bagsy the front end 8O
  17. Many citizens in Spain are now against handing out their taxes to promote bullfighting likewise Mexico

    In Mexico an overwhelming majority of 88 percent do not think it is right for the government to use taxpayer’s money to support the bullfighting industry, a poll commissioned by organisations led by the Humane Society International found.

    The bulls killed in the ring are not fit for human consumption with not being killed under hygenic surroundings :roll: and are used as dog food etc. Having said that many butchers sell the meat on the so called blackmarket.

    What is the betting that if bullfighting in Spain/France/Portugal is banned the bullfighting industry moves to a none European Union influenced country.

    The same way the Landed Gentry moving over to Ireland to carry on Fox hunting.

    Time for a Guinness!!!
  18. The Landed Gentry now do drag hunts---- laying a scent for the dogs to follow.

    As for foxes and hunting them with hounds --its not that cruel and the fox usually gets away anyway !They have now decided to shoot the fox before
    the hounds actually get the fox if its in any danger of being caught---or if
    its definately getting away !!

    Apart from that --Fox fatalities by horse and hound is about 5% of all foxes killed. They are gasssed ,trapped ,shot or poisoned .

    And ------------as a Farm owner myself I suggest the City dwellers get out and about more often -- foxes do more damage to livestock and poultry and wildlife than is ever published in the cuddly fluffy media readers
  19. Hell mend them...pity the bull only managed to nail one of those fucktards.... :twisted:

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